Wednesday, June 19, 2013




I just dozed off; just dozed off in

The chillness of the rain that came after

When the moon slept after the witching hour.

Remaining in the  the back stage  we were

Adorning our costumes for the play.

And when you came and softly touched my cheek

With the feather of your tender fingers

I was ovewrwhelmed with an unknown

Ecstasy with that caress,  passed

through your lightning fingers into me.

What made you to awken me while I was sleeping?

What prompted you to clasp me close to your chest;

As though you needed to give me something?

To embrace me or kiss me squeezing me into you?

Or was it just to snuggle  me into you with your love?

I have closed into you so much in this birth.

I have deliquesced into you and unisoned.

All unknowingly as my passion was so intense.

It never let me know how it happened.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I CAN...


I can hear the painful groans
Even while I am laughing loudly, in regalement.
I can savour the fragrance, emanating from
An unfurled flower, while it is withering.

I can perceive the semblance of love
Floating above the placid lake in the chasm
Of your dreaming eyes, flickering in my presence;
Even when there is no light.

I can hear in my slumbers, those prayers
Softening and smoothening the megalith obelisks.
I can sit on the throes of lofty waves of anguish
In the ocean, while I fly over them alone.

The filtered vital breath of my life, while it
Enters the caves of my nostrils, I join the
Chorus of melodies of love, that of the Universe,
And sing with all the created beings
In symphony of unique harmony.



This is a woman…. And her life!
Like a migratory bird devoid of
The nest of its own to roost every night,
In the company of its mate, in bliss.
Wandering through far distant and strange lands;
Searching for food and a shore for shelter
Across the sea in the trail of those
Who flew that way before her…

Leaving behind the nest that heard her first cry
For the nectar of life, from mother’s breast;
Renouncing the comforting consolations of loved ones
And their affectionate caresses and safety,
Flying away into the boundless horizon.
A migratory bird!

Strange faces, when spotting an unseen land all around,
Bizarre habits of the people and the curious life style;
Life forgetting the dreams, forgotten to see and at last,
Like the wilting flowers of the evening
Ending like the shadows that fade away;
Again revamping a lust for flying again,
Into the plethoric magnitude of the sky,
Leaving behind, a faint flutter of the striving wings.