Sunday, November 30, 2008

A voice from the sky...

As I adoringly sniff at a bunch
Of fragrant flowers,
Of my reminiscence,
In the desolate moments of
Life’s turmoil and tumult,
Spawning as a bolt from the blue;
A fairy from heaven carried me
Away, flying into the distant heavens,
From my reveries, cuddling in her arms.
I heard her telling me in soft whispers
And soporific musical note of mystic spell.
“My darling, you sleep well” soothing
Me to a slumber, in the realm of Avalon.

Who is calling my name, from down below
And telling me, “Forget everything;
Forgive me”, in a somnifacient voice?
That’s him telling me to come back
To his bosom, my haven of commiseration!
“If it is not for forgiving and forgetting ones
Lapses, what is the meaning of loving
And love in this earth?”

Saturday, November 29, 2008


The agony came again as tranquility;
And mourned in the corner of the eyes
Yesterdays approached in a boat of shadows
In the large pond, where the summer moon remained.
Only few memories are left, in the vision of
The mind, to taste the sweetness of bygone days.

Though you are only a mere dream in my slumber;
Why can’t you just come near me?
Each word I write here is for you only.
Can’t you just realize that in your thoughts?
I remember your face, when in the night
I scoop in my hands the moonlight coming
Through my window, and kiss it’s radiance.

What I smell is the fragrance of your sweat,
Or the blossoming jasmine, in the night.
I am not sure!
Who jots your name a thousand times,
With the point of a quill, on the page of my heart?
I don’t know!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Silence entangled!

Tell me my angel, (It’s futile! I assure.)
Why do you keep away from me?
These days when the shores of my mind
Is inundated by incessant rain of despair,
The bowl of my heart is brimming with grief;
You are still quiet!

Erstwhile days were celestial, with bouquets of smile
In me and you, when each of your words were
Musical, resonant with amiable candour.
Whichever shores of dreams in you
Scotch the waves of agony, dreadfully?

Is there any heart in here, not hankering for,
The fusion, of dreams and slumber?
And moments, of aesthetic sentiments of love?
Any world of imagination awakening
Without the embrace, of kisses and desires?
Any surreal beauty or love, or passion,
Or fulfillment of life?

The craving in my bosom is always
To disintegrate as an emotion in your heart,
To awaken as a strain of melody in the slumber
From your lap, yet I tell you
It’s futile to remain away from me……

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Soul search…

While I tenderly sniff at a bunch of flowers
Of reminiscences, in my solitary moments,
A fairy carried me and flew away,
From my reveries, and I heard her softly
Telling me, in a whisper into my ears;
“My darling, you sleep well”, and soothing me
To slumber, in the warmth of her bosom.

Down, down there, someone is calling my name.
I cannot discern who it is, and when I hearken
That voice seems to be telling me” Forget and
Forgive everything. It’s not worth pursuing the feud.”
It should be none other than my sweetheart.
What is the bliss in life from the bonds of love?
If we cannot forgive and forget trespasses?

Life is an ocean and we are bubbles in the froth
On the vast shores, when the waves embrace
The land line and then retreats to its hold.
In the flicker of a moment it vanishes into
Nothing, without leaving any foot prints
On the sands of time and space or void.
We can not attribute any greatness for our
Existence on.these fleeting bubbles of air
And in the eternal march of time, our life time
Is not even a speck in its whole duration,
That is less than a mere century.
Why do we fret and drift away in fickleness?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


As the dusk was bidding farewell,
The poor smouldering cloud,
Shed its tears in grief as raindrops,
Liquefying the sun, in its despair.

Then you became the reflective silence,
Diluted in the veil of the mist.
I jotted down with a quill
Dipped in the inkpot of my intense intimacy
For you, your lucky horoscope.
Did your eyes fail to see the full moon,
At an angle from this vantage point?
Will you come and whisper into my ears
What you hold as your ardent aspiration in the mind?

In a tempest of summer, we parted
Yesterday, without a reason after a squabble.
Then finally became one again soon,
In the chillness of a lake of inferno.
Is this the only birth for us to be together,
At the cross roads where our egos collide?
I am like a rainbow of love and desires,
Melting in the bleeding wounds in my heart.
I will wait a hundred disconsolate births,
For you to come back as a hornbill
Longing for the rain in the summer,
In the lap of obscurity in oblivion,
Away from the saddening world I live…

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


You could touch and fondle me, as the
Golden rays, of the morning sun?
You could awaken me from my siesta
With the warble of a nightingale, everyday?
You could be my ominous sight in the dawn,
Besides the rising sun, when I wake up?

Could it be that the tender chilling breeze,
Who kissed my cheeks, used your sensual lips?
I wish it should be your fun filled words
I hear, as the cold water, I sprinkle on my face.
If I douse from head to foot, and swim in a sea,
It should be the sea of your infinite love!
Then I am sure you will dry me up with
Your warmth and caress, out of your eagerness.
The sandal paste I applied on my forehead, could
Turn into the hot kisses, you gift lavishly there.
And your assurances become the splendid
Attire I am wearing, along with its ripples,
I made on it, rustling in the soft wind.
The locket I adorn nearest to my bosom
Is the replica of your heart, you gave me.
Your good wishes and blessing mark the vermilion
Dot, on the parting of my hair, on the forehead.

If I could, always pursue your treads of life?
If the moonlight that caress and lulls me to
Sleep could be your embraces of passion;
And the flowery bed, where I sleep, forgetting
Myself, could be your warm and cozy chest;
And the sweet dreams, I see in that slumber
Encompass you and your caressing………..

Monday, November 24, 2008

Abandoned?.. Never!

Can you fly down to me, with a message of love,
My dear flamingo, in the chillness of the rain clouds,
From the resplendent rainbow fondling the sky?

Tell me, you growling hungry Ocean, an answer.
Where is the bard, I love like my life?
My dearest maid, did you see, the anguish
I wrote, artfully as the calligraphy of my heart,
In disquiet, with welling tears in your eyes?
Did you stop to hearken the cadence of a song,
From my soul, sung in distress?

Tell me; did you see him jotting down a scrap
To say he is coming soon to see me?
The horizon of my love, and the life I lead
Has imprisoned me in a castle, I detest.
Yet, I covet to become a rain cloud and
Shower all my love, draining it on him,
From the heaven, soaring over him beady- eyed;
To sprout as a hundred thousand petals of love,
In his despondent existence in this earth;

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A melody in the eyes...

Blossom of a hermitage; a bloom, still not kissed,
Thrilling even the alter, where it is offered;
Where the lips radiate the glimmer of the rubies,
A composition of beauty of the loveliness of spring,
An embodiment of luscious tender emotions;
The opulence of the countenance, induce me to
Write subtle romantic poems, making me a poet.
Let that song resonate in your lips always.

In your eyes, where the blue ocean ripples,
Blooms a season of parching desires
That impels my soul, and gives me the impetus
To vivify those ardent desires, into words of a melody.

The nymphs of the clouds in the yonder blue,
Bowed their heads in reverence to your sapphire blue eyes.
I wish if I could become a sweet dream in there,
And my love, shoot out tender sprouts in joy.
The buds of roses adorning the morning dew drops,
Wilted after seeing the enviable lips quivering in you.
Let me write a poem abound in love, lurking in those eyes;
Let it sparkle and glisten in them for ever.

Friday, November 21, 2008

“Love me, love me only...”

There is only one thing, I fondle under the sky;
And that is the tune of love which chants,
“Love me; love me only”, “I love you; you alone.”
Let us enjoy the treat of fragrance, pervading
Out of our life, and the thrill leading us to
Forget ourselves and our existence.

In the lap of a rainbow, you dissolve in me,
And assimilate, like the river flowing into the sea.
In your tress, I perceive the swooned rain clouds
Of the monsoon, refusing to stir and awaken.
The golden sky gleamed in your eyes;
A melody meditated in your coral lips,
Myriads of topaz lights flustered in the smiles;
And love inveigled, shuddering the mind.

Wild flowers borrowing the grace of maidens,
Forgot its pride, and returned their hue,
Fragrance and honey from the spring
To you, and entrusted me to keep you in vigil
As a treasure, invaluable and infinitely rich;
And to be a demigod, to protect her fortunes.

The stream of erotic romance forgot its cadence,
Borrowed from the heart of this beautiful damsel,
Gifted its anklet, bangles and other embellishments
For her dance and asked me to be the music in it...

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Predating the commencement of history!
Before the advent of the phenomenon
Of God the Almighty;
The nature and time sang together, the ditty
“Love is a divine rhapsody”.

The first blossoms of love, at those times were among
The movable and immovable; the tangible
And intangible; animate and inanimate
Beings, in the universe.
They sang and we repeated the chorus;
The prime slogan: “Love is immortal.”

The happiness and delight belonged to the early eons.
The zeal, the passion, longing, attachment,
And earnestness stringed together,
Evolved thousands of hours of
Intense intercourse, of confluence.
And they sang again”Eternal is love”.
And we repeat the chorus even now.

Like the fragrance of blossoming spring flowers
Permeating its sweetness, in the atmosphere;
As the rhythms, beats and the tones of a golden
Spring, that drifts in unannounced;
Like the cloying nectar dripping into the loving heart,
A flame of passion, refusing to be extinguished;
The tears flooding from the eyes in
The grief of desolation…..
This love fulfills and is filling up, consummating
All spasmodic desires of the barren mind.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Just can’t find the branch of a tree to perch,
No vineyard to stay one night to rest,
No eyes, filled with tears of love,
To keep wait, for my return to home.

Looking at the full moon in the far away sky,
The waves of the sea is fuddling with
The tempest of love, in its heart.
A lonely lover, somewhere beyond vistas of sight,
Is humming, a melody without break.
What are you staring at, with grief filled
In your eyes, you my lode star?
The dusk had spilled the vermilion, which
The day has gifted in its affection, to the night.
She became so forlorn after the day
Has vanished too quick, in a few moments
After just touching out, like touch- and- go.

We are like two fish, caught in the net of love.
There is no possibility to escape now,
No way to flee from here in refuge, in fear.
We can’t gain anything if we object.
We will forget everything in our embraces.
Better be together than keeping aloof.
Union gives strength!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Insomniac waves…

Tidal waves!
Waves that can never cease and sleep;
Insomniac, laughing always, cuddling together
And hugging and playing on the shores;
Swimming around in delicate ecstasy!

Let us become these waves of this ocean.
Of our immortal and eternal passions.
Let us cover up our stripped nakedness
Of intense emotions, under the blanket
Of the silvery moon light, beaming from heaven,
Submerge ourselves in a game frolicking
In this alluring and fuddling water;
Entwining our bodies like snakes, when mating
With hoods of rubies and crawling in the sand,
Wriggle and slither in unison in the frenzy
Of lecherous passions, in each of our cells,
Forgetting ourselves, in its entrancement.

Let us become the shores of this ocean;
And allow the delicate nails of the waves,
To scratch and bruise, while fondling the breast,
Lying spread-eagled there invitingly,
Filled in feverish love with lust.
Melt into a state of euphoric exultation;
And gather the oysters from the whirls
Of her navel of strings, and kiss them.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I still love you, my…

In the unknown parameters of the barren
Sky, of an autumn season;
Like the rumbling roar of the clouds,
In a soft key, audible yet feeble;
Like the vacillating wearied reminiscence of
Yesterdays, that slumbers and quicken in
The horizon of senses, very often,
Something rapping at the door of your heart,
And you may throw open it; making you smile
Unobtrusively and your mind dwell in the past.

Wandering through space and time,
May be, our smiles collide somewhere there,
And may embrace and kiss on the impulse
Of our magnificent obsessions of the past
Passionate relationship we maintained.

In such a clinch, I can visualize our
Very personal and private experiences,
Become flourishing green buds, and blossom
Into tantalizing, magnificent flowers,
Emanating a soul stirring sweet fragrance.
Flooding the atmosphere, around us.
I love you still my darling...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Withering flowers in life

Love is a flower which withers and falls down
Before it unfurls, out of the tender bud.
It is a smile, liquefying in the incessant waves
Of the ocean of woes and tears.

God created man and woman, in the beginning
With a spirit of contentment and a smile,
As he felt good and happy about it.
Finally he created the emotion of love in the heart
Of man and woman, with a halo of divinity
And purity over that, as a quality.
After that he might have been crying about
His foolishness, and for a moment repented his act.

A poor moth believing it to be a flower
Encounter the flame of a lamp,
And burn out its life.
Whatever the eye has earned in this world,
Is dissolved and perish for ever, by the eyes,
In the sands of time and lost in the ocean of tears.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A snapshot of heaven!

The spring squabbled with you,
For having robbed its fragrance away
To your enamoring lips.
And its exquisite bouquet of hues,
As rainbows lay concealed in your
Imposing cheeks and inviting eyes.
The rubicund lips might have blossomed
In a rose flower, ruddy with intense desires, which.
I have enslaved, along with her undying love.

Dreams are alive when in slumber;
And also when awake, their presence is felt.
I will soar up to heaven in my body, on the wings
Of such a dream, and find my beloved,
Sitting under a tree on which the stars blossom,
On the banks, of a brook in paradise.

She will be always with me, caressing and
Holding my fingers, in adoration kissing them,
And embracing me, leaning on my chest.
When the translucent clouds gently breeze up,
To immerse us in jubilant intoxication
Of exotic exultation, and nirvana…

Friday, November 14, 2008

The moon probe: CHANDRAYAN…

Opening the gates of the towers of light,
Once upon a time man walked in.
Mother Nature of the universe stood empty handed
To accost him at a reception, in honour.
While cooling off, after falling in the lagoon
Of empty space, as a splinter from the sun,
The earth woke up from its slumber.
It gathered living cells from the atmosphere
And adorned them, for meioses and evolution.
In those early days man commenced creating
Artifacts; wondrous and elegant architecture,
Sculptures, edifices and palaces of magnificence..
He made cities renowned for its artistic handwork,
Temples and churches of perfect artworks.
Mohen-jadaro, Harappa, Indus Valley Civilization,
Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, and many more.
Great men, great emperors and empires.,
Walked this earth and enriched it with wealth.
Prosperity in every field where human efforts
Were directed, and channeled for progress.
Earth turned to be an abode of plenty and immortal.
Imaginations flared and grew wings to fly.

When the earth flourished with wealth
The sun enraged at the sight with envy.
The Venus, the preceptor of Asuras , showed
Its reddish eye with wrath in its mind.
One of those days while circling the earth
The moon asked a blessing from Mother Goddess:
”Send these humans once to this desolate place;
Let them make this as another world like earth.”
And that desire and dream is being fulfilled today!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Randy desires...

The melancholy tune of the sitar
Bemoans in the heart!
As a subtle prelude of the grief,
It enclosed the thoughts.
You could become my perpetual rhythm
And shadows, again tomorrow;
As radiant as the flame of
A glowing lamp, in the gloom.
The exhilaration of the ecstasy beamed
And gleamed, in her moist eyelids.
Someone is pouring the soothing lustre
Of psychedelic strobe lights, in the soul;
And the moonlight conveyed a message of love.
Come as a melody into my heart
And whisper into my life now!

The rain clouds have awakened
The golden sands of the shores of the mind,
With images of a flower bedecked coach and
The stage for amorous entanglements of
Loving bodies, hitherto unappeased,
Raging as an inferno with lust…

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Missing screenplays...

You forget yourself immersing in
The jubilations and delights, of life,
Which you have attained now by providence;
Fulfilling moments in the plethora of happiness
Resplendent with endearing music, thrilling
And surging, with passion and libido.
Time and seasons has drowned, in a far away
Fountain spring, and an ache, an agony
In the heart, after seeing and sensing
The changes, it has brought into you.

We could not reach and meet each other
Together, to have a life of our own.
Even after many rebirths through seasons.
Life is splendid and sublime where the minds
Are in unison, in every matter in our existence.
Then we long for turning into jewels of dew drops,
And trickle on the petals of blossoms.
We desire to share the warmth of our breasts,
On the bosom of the dew, in silence.
In our aspirations and illusions,
And through our phantasmagoria, we are actingA play,
where the screen play is missing,
And we are allowed to carry on impromptu.

Monday, November 10, 2008

This is where I belong to...

Who embellished the magnificence of the heaven
In their imagination, where milk and honey flows,
And you are surrounded by the fairies and nymphs,
Imbibing nectar that flows from goblets, held and
Served by Apsara maidens, with lust in their eyes?
Who constituted and created hell, where fire and
Brimstones wait for you, always to burn you?
It is none other than the ingenuity of the human
Mind, fantasizing their imaginations.

Who radiates the diffusing rays of sunlight, and
Turns it into ravishing rainbows yonder, and
Who adorns the black clouds soaked in the vital
Elixir, for the living beings, in this earth?
It is none other than the deep blue horizon!

The one who unfurls the aspiration of the spring to flower;
The one who approaches and demolish those aspirations,
Known as winter, and the one who behold the embers of
Fire, in its bosom and scorch multitudes of living beings.
We call you time or moment, or era,
Age, epoch, or aeon! Infinite and eternal!
Immeasurable and independent!

In our dreams,appear golden beaches and palaces;
And they ramshackle, in the face of bitter agony!
You are the ocean of passions, as well as
The wilderness of thirsts and intense desires!
You are my world, my abode!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happiness…a shadow!

Peace is an interval
Between two wars’ they say.
So is happiness, a shadow
Only, of a world where the
Summer has now receded.
Mind is a crazy phenomenon,
Always running after that joy.
Our desires often put its face
In the hive of the stinging
Wasps, of misery, ready to harm us.

Dreams moistened with tears
Blooms as flowers of agony,
Saddening the mind in its wake.
Where do we look for truth,
And beauty, while we are engaged
In seeking every day, a coach to rest,
Among the beds of arrows?

We are pleased to adorn a golden mask,
On the face of our conscience
And always grin, to please others…

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Unforgotten melodies...

The azure blue sky made euphoric ripples in
You and me, then and now, unceasingly.
It became an enchanting dream in your eyes.
It became a rapturous melody in my reveries.
Golden dust lurked on your ravishing lips,
Awakened by the rip-roaring kisses.
The radiance of that smile still makes
A sweet hangover in my solitary moments;
And make me sing sonorous melodies.

Do you still keep that golden hue on your lips?
That love song turned to be lachrymatory tones
Awakening in the strings on the lute of my life.
And create flaxen ecstasies by its resonance.
Dripping an expression in my heart
Of having composed a thousand poems.
Do you still have that song in your bosom?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Life's tempest

When and where do you find
Happiness in our small life?
When do you find agonizing grief?
When the illusion of dreams disseminate,
What is the significance and implication,
Of desires?
Ambitions?ecstasy, love
Where is frustration?
Where is ecstasy?

We learn to smile through weeping and crying!
We learn to walk by stumbling down many a times!
We become adept in forgetting, and ignoring.
Through lessons, in loving others.
And learn to betray and deceive also by
Defrauding our very own conscience, and values.

Where is truth?
Where is enlightenment?
Where is darkness?
Where is affection and sincerity?
How can we discern the light of the dawn or dusk,
When a curtain of smog, has befallen before us?

When we walk under the hot sunlight
We covet for a cool shade for refuge.
And while resting there, we forget the intensity
Of the heat, in the cruel rays of the summer sun.
We always forget ourselves in our shelter,
And inadvertently enter the sea of unhappiness
To drown in desperation, grief and woes…

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Love's labours lost...

In whose mind, I was altered into a song?
In whose heart, I was converted into a meditation?
Where did I bloom, in the ripples of the placid water?
In the pond, where the white lotus flourish?
In which bloom of the soul, I turned to be the pollen
Of passion, exuding the fragrance of lust?

Now, I have forgotten the adoring embraces;
The thrilling spring season has receded away;
The smile has parted from the lips, where
The vibrant kisses once lay waiting,
Trembled and quivered to be owned by me.
How many nights, embellished with
Rapturous shuddering, withered then,
In this bridal chamber, now fateful?
How many mornings became garlands
Of beautiful flowers, and became dance stages
In this court yard, during the past decades?
The tongue which emitted adoring words
Are now transmitting vicious mutterings,
Transform into poisonous fangs…

Monday, November 3, 2008


You made me drink the nectar, from your lips;
Your smile contested with the splendoured blossoms;
In the exultation of the rapture and the intoxication
Of the first kiss, you gave me thus,
A thousand rebirths of my existence evaporated,
Fled and vanished into the infinite space.
My ingenuity turned to become sunshine
To dry, and comb your curls, to glisten
The sweat drops on the cleavage of your breast,
Appeared, as cute pearls of bliss, in my musings.
Did your giggling change into sobs and sighs
And my chants of love turned to groans?
The rhythms dripping into my melodies
Is stricken with desolation now!
The dried petals of the mind are falling
Down, causing dismal agony in the life.
I become the fatigued wings of a day,
Exiting into the gloom, without bidding adieus!
And it is the grief that gives strength
To forget the woes, I retain in the chest.
Each birth I take, is destined to bring
Me, a derelict and dreary existence.