Monday, July 19, 2010


I hear the treads of someone
Walking on the cobble stones of my courtyard..
Who is that?..
Who could it be?...

It is not that I am unwilling
To leave this life, I love,
And love intensely.
It is not the feeling that I will lose
Forever, the insatiable urge to see again
And again, the eternal vistas of
The splendorous shores of this earth.

It is not that I fear, I will have to leave
The music that I listen, time
And time again, with its magical rhythms.

It is not that I can dream,
Sitting among the spring blossoms,
That flourish in the valleys of the moonlit hills.
I don’t know how I can walk with you.
For that, do not curse me!
Death! Do not curse me for that!

If you are the one who walks away now,
You have been knocking at my door,
For quite along while.
And I know, though I did not open it,
You can come through the backdoor.
And linger, hovering over me
With the warm rays of music.
Your fragrance is mesmerizing;
Surpassing everything, and arresting.
How deep is your love today!
You will embrace me, and become a stream
Flowing through my arteries,
And become a melancholy
In my soul , so ardent!

Then stealthily whisper in my ears
“You come along…we will go.”
“We will get away from this dungeon
Of darkness, to the infinite
Shores of peace, to the flames,
To the confluence of universal love.”
You whisper:’ Come, seek my path.
Aren’t you coming?”

I am trembling with fear. How can I go?
What if I refuse?
In those troubled moments of that
Gloomy, wintry night, I woke up....
And heard some one opening
My door!....
Some one is walking away…..
Who is that? Who could it be?

Saturday, July 10, 2010


It appears, someone has opened the windows
Or the silver shines of the full moon.
Or could it be the luster on your face as
The moon, beaming with love.
Or the plumes of mist falling softly, and
Silently on the petals of the camellia?
Or the coquetry of the startled rain
Or the strain, of the humming wind’s passion?
Or the rustling, of the silver anklet, on your feet?
Or, it could even be the sparkling laugh, of the
Jasmine, unfurling its petals timidly..
Some one had gently opened these windows!

I will enter the lap of the sky, transformed into
A silver cloud, as you become, a rain dream of your love.
And shower, drenching me in that frenzy of passions
Then we will perfuse and become one in us.
Like the blueness adorned by the raging sea.
Me and you, and the sodden clouds have,
Only one ecstasy; to enter into and enfold into one!

If I wander, as a melody with the wings of
Desires, seeking you,
Could you find me out, and your tenderness
Keep me imprisoned, by the padlock of your love;
Skimming in the fuddle of the tremulous music,
Emanating through the awakened ardour
Of the heart strings, I am waiting
At the door steps, of your hankering now!


An insatiable urge persists in the mind,
To touch you with my caressing fingers;
An unquenchable thirst in my soul
To whisper to you, my dreams.
What else do you need my love
To thaw this frozen cloud of your silence?

In the twilight I waited, as a shadow
On the side of the path you used to walk,
Ever after you threw a line, with your glance,
Immersed in your love that day; and
I am melting down to a void….

Nights have turned to butterflies,
Days became barren like birds in the air,
When you did not turn up.
My dreams also have gone asleep.
What else you need from me, my love
To thaw this frozen cloud of silence?

When I woke up from my short slumber,
I feel your soft fingers stroking me.

When the soft breeze touches my cheeks
I feel your loving kisses there.
My beloved, memoirs of you are so divine;
Even the love scented rustling of
Your whispers are so exquisite…..

What magical smile you directed to me
And vanished languishing!
An insatiable urge in the soul to
See you again; and an unquenchable thirst
To speak softly into your ears.
Why can’t you enter from the lap of
That golden dawn and show you
To awaken me from this languor existence?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Every dream is thriving now and a million
Vermilion chests are opening up in the sky,
With their trillions of hues, embalming the horizon.

Every desire embraces each other. emitting overtures
Of overwhelming fragrance, all over.
Tiny droplets of snow showered over the earth,
And swans are swimming in the millpond of love.

I am dissolving as a fabulous cloud
Over the firmament, in the eve at sundown.
While the full moon beams out,
We are floating, gliding amidst as love
Becoming prettiness, dowsed in the sandal river,
Where the golden grandeur of the moon lounge.
We have reached the summit of liking each other
And is in unison as one entity, one soul.

Behold the image of love, flowering in the quill
Of the magnificent rainbows of heaven!
Honey filled spring, emerge in the sweetness
Of our smiles.
We have become one and have merged into one…