Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tempest in the heart!

Reminiscence as a leap tide of a silent tune,
Breakup and become the introspection, fizzling
With the sweet sorrow of parting, and
The boundless ocean stands as a silent witness.
Time has developed into a fathomless ode;
A lyric, stretching from morning till the next.
Blueness appear as a tragic overture of mind,

I never knew the loveliness of the rain
Till tears erupted,overwhelmed in my psyche,
I never knew your allure, till such time
That you smiled on me and you adopted me,
As your soul mate, enriching my lone moments.
I never knew the magnificence of the sunshine,
Until your smile sparkled in my heart.

I find the tacitness of the husky moonlight
You kindled, through your endless music,
When you hum the midnight’s splendour
In your loneliness, for the listening nightingale.
I never knew its daintiness till the time
I sensed your exhaling breath permeating around me.

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