Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who knows???

I will worship you keeping myself
Away from your presence, my exquisite fairy!
You appear as the marvelous earth,
Dazzling in the glory of a smile
As emitted by the full moon.

Though you remain at an arm’s reach,
Who knows if I could ever possess you!
Who knows if it is ever possible
To cuddle you in my bosom, though you
Bloom in my mind as the spring?
Even if I am unable to embrace you,
I can still adore you through my dreams.

Who knows if a flower will wither and fall down,
Even if the harsh wind shake it violently blowing on it?
Who knows if it is possible to quench one’s thirst,
By merely blinking at a goblet that is overwhelming,
Before the eyes of a thirsty tramp, trekking
Through the desert in a sand storm?
Even if it is unattainable to imbue the contents,
It could still be remembered garishly.
Who knows if I could ever see you again ,
Before I breathe my last?