Wednesday, March 13, 2013



How strange is the platform of life                
That exists with an origin unknown
And whose destination unseen!
We are mere individuals
Jinxed with squint eyes and colour blindness
Unable to decipher the hues of life!

But lo! How vibrant  is the essence of life!
How luminous is the play of colours in our life!
They are a prelude to our vociferous existence.
They add limericks to a derelict mind.
It precipitate to a hackneyed routine.
Are they not the nuances of an incandescent living?
They are a hymn to a life of harmony.
And they emanate from the subtle aura of the soul.

We embark on our sojourn to earth
With spots of red blood,  all over us.
Do they convey an unread message too?
The blue skies and deep ocean denote a truthful vision.
Though the purple fruits of distress hit us quite often.
Green leaves and trees show us the hope of eternal life;
Orange flowers, lend us strength and endurance;
The yellow sun that shines signifies honour and loyalty;
And the black terrain connotes  the ultimate end....

Is  life's premises not  much complicated?
Though it commences with a threat through blood,
And concludes with embellished naught,
Transition of colours from red to black
Epitomises our journey of life.
What a radiant life  we  got to live!