Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Transcending Loveliness…

When you lean over my heart, as a blossom

While it rains, the nectar is dripping into my soul

And I forget even my existence in the inebriation

Filling up with delicious subtlety, swaddling me

And whisking me away, into the unknown realms of love.

Like the sweetest potion filling up a goblet;

Like a bud sprouting in a parched arid wilderness…

The tiny breeze has just brushed your locks

Idly fondling with its delicate fingers and

In an instant you transformed into a dazzling spring;

A blossoming Magnolia, presenting a rare fragrance.

I sense the sweet scent of Sandalwood percolating

From the moonlight revered by the doe eyed clouds

Rollicking in its bosom and fondling its velvety limbs.

Suddenly you become a sonnet in the harp of my heart,

And a melody erupts in the flute of my heartbeats….


Friday, December 23, 2011


You were the one who soothed

My scorched feet

Walking on the embers on

The rugged path of life.

The giant tree spreading

Its branches of ceaseless love

Giving shelter and shade

In the arid summer ;

That very tree has now uprooted

In the twister, and the branches

Burned out to ashes ,

And has lost to the world.

Helpless I go on my

Lonely wandering

Through the dark tunnels

Of my unknown future.

My beloved skylark,

You have flown away, breaking

The bars of the cage, which was my love .

The music of your fluttering wings

Also have melted into the firmament.

You will never comeback to this

Nest of my love- into this empty cage!

This cursed life…..

I saved only one thing!

The plumes of splendor, you have

Shed in the empty cage you have left.........

Sunday, December 18, 2011


“Rise and shine” she said.
The smell of fresh coffee conquered the nostrils.
She stood there simpering.
A silhouette against the window.
The scent of aromatic hair oil diffusing;
Fragrance of imprisoned jasmines,
Emanated from her braids.
A dulcet ditty! A ripple of prettiness!
She opened the window panes and cast
The curtains to one side, allowing the morning
Breeze, to caress our body, with a sweet chill.
Morning mist swallowed the perfume of the soil,
Lurked over the vista, like smoke, as the
Green meadows exhaled vapor.
Sodden earth, trying to grin, in the early light.
A forlorn tree cast its long shadow,
Over the placid waters of the pond.
Silvery clouds rubbed shoulders amid the blue sky,
While wandering over the hills and dales.

Somewhere, in the ground floor, a baby
Was crying, for the mother’s breast.
A lonely row-boat slithered over the calm
Water of the lake, dodging the water hyacinths
Floating, in full glory with its purple flowers;
Some one trying to catch a stray fish with a rod.
Birds chirping in the air; in the distance, echo
The melodious whistle, of a stranded train.
The nature in philharmony!

I am in euphoria, a trance, a stupor…
I am a part of this wonderful universe!

“Drink that coffee, before it gets cold”.
I thought I heard a far away voice,
Rippling in the air, telling me...
It broke my reverie; she was there near me.
I pulled her hand and drew her to my side.
A prologue, to the sweetest moments of matrimony!
A lullaby for the soul….

Thursday, December 8, 2011



When it becomes incessant agonies

And even your simper in my memory

Is identified as a thousand lumps

In the throat with sighs;

When life separates us as humdrum

Strangers in quick moves in a jiffy;

Just save for our destiny and prospect

A long silence…

A drop of tear…

A handful of affectionate words,

Besides a sanguine expectation

Extending from you to me…

Friday, October 28, 2011


Tell us you prophets; tell us you seers, you soothsayers;

How long we have to wait for the Dawn?

What do you foresee about it?

We are frustrated, yet have hope in our hearts

About the glorious golden morning, we fondle

And yearn in our thoughts, relentlessly.

Tell us you Creators of this universe

If the grandeur of that morning is

Still far away, and inaccessible.

The edifices of faith that were orchestrated

Through eons from the inception of this terra firma

Are in ramshackle, with the tempest

Of civilization, through its aggression and assault.

On this marching runaway runway

God is standing debilitated as a destitute,

Exhausted and played out bereft of his powers.

Justice and charity, equity and truth have grown

A beard and are meditating in penance.

The chariot of spirit driven by Lord Krishna delivering

The ‘Gita’ at Kurukshethra battlefield,

Has lost its track, gone berserk and toppled down,

Sinking in the mud of imported culture.

In this battle of ideologies and faiths stand

The Homo sapiens without a battledress, and unarmed.

Philosophy and wisdom placed on the pyre,

Are burning in flames and benevolence and humanity

Are lost eternally, in human minds.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Candle commits suicide!

There are a thousand tiny windows in the heart;

Even when slammed there are too many

Sparrows of memory chirping inside

Always tainting the senses, reprehensibly.

Like capering and shuddering water drops inside

The bowl of a ‘colocasia’ leaf, after the rain.

What kind of a fish is dancing inside the

Millpond on the palm of a caressing hand ?

The butterfly in the heart is oscillating,

Among the rubicund blossoms of the Forest flame.

Who is sitting together in the small dinghy,

In the lap of the ripples in the river?

Is the heart an ocean of pernicious tears?

Is love a burning ember hiding in the ashes of the mind?

Is loneliness and separation a shadow of

A candle melting, in sharing its love with flames?

My refuge is only in the obscurity of despondency…

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Visions of a first night…

May I close the windows that were open yet;

Spread the eiderdown, and arrange the pillows,

Of that translucent lamp that

Immerse me in a state of bashfulness?

When the delicate fingers of the moonlight

Caress the embroidered exquisite damask curtains

I will adore the smirk of the flowers burgeoning,

When the dewdrops embrace and kiss them.

When the chill wraps me, off the breeze coming

From the banks of the brooks of nectar

I will give away myself to him, as a present,

Forgetting everything, in that sweet passion.

The ethereal moments, these emotional spasms;

The asperity makes me pallid and sequestered.

I now possess your desires inside me

Like you have taken away, the thirst in my soul.

As the luster of the dewdrops on the lotus petal

As spring blossoms on a naked branch after winter

Ecstasy enthralled in us, and in a vision

A tide of happiness is raising its waves in the mind.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The sonorous spring has receded and

The effulgent tapestry faded out.

Can’t you just hearken to the vibes

Emanating from the darkened chasms

Of my heart, through the wailing wind?

Through the shores of opalescent moonlight

Where the golden swans of ambrosial

Dreams flutter and descend in cluster,

Your image is unfurling like sweet blossoms.

I miss you...I miss you entirely.

Why can't you come back to my side

For a moment, just to perceive for a while

The throbbing spasms of a crumbling life?

Your beaming smiles will shower golden rays

Over all the gloomy chambers of

My spirit, obscured by bemoaning desolation.

Can't you seek me out and reach me now

To relieve the dolorous despair in me,

And revive me from this enfeebled existence?

Thursday, August 4, 2011


You will not understand me anymore;
I just can't show your image
Embedded in my soul, by opening
The window of my cloistered heart.
I cannot sleep now when I ponder
How you could decipher the real
Lines in between my silences?

I am hiding among the branches of
A blooming tree, as the wind,
In the courtyard of your mansion;
I am also the vestige that embraces you.

I remember those words you uttered
Once, that you can't find me with your
Naked eyes, as though I am an apparition.
I may be a distant vision for your eyes now.
Still if you can keep your ears close to
My heart you could listen, my heart throbs
Very distinctly, pulsating with your name.

By the end of the winter, as your love starts
Pouring down as the rain, I will transform
To become the sodden earth, glistening
With your enrapturing moonlight.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Could you nuzzle me as the radiant ray
Of a resplendent golden morn?
Could you wake me up every morning
With the soft melody of a nightingale
Cooing for love from its mate?
Your countenance could be a mascot for me,
As the rising sun in the early dawn.
The chilly breeze that kissed me on
My cheeks could have been your luscious lips.
When I set my feet on the cold floor
I felt a chill reaching my forehead.
Was it your face that brushed me
Trying to blot the sweat drops off my face?

I could see my face in half stupor
On the mirror of your awesome mind.
The tolling of the church bell gliding
Through the air towards me with the droning
Sound of chanting prayers in unison,
Seems to me as your propitious prayers
Rising up towards heaven’s gateway,
For my longevity in this world with you.
Wish the water I sprinkled on my face
Could be replaced with your warm greetings.
If I souse myself and swim in the ocean of
Your love, I am sure that you will wipe my head
And hair with the warm towel of your affection.

Your assurances could be the gorgeous attire
I am wearing scrupulously with pleats.
The gift of your heart that you gave me
Could be the locket hugging to my bosom,
On the necklace I am adorning.

If the somniferous moonlight caress me to
Sleep could be your embraces and I forget
Everything and cling to your chest,
That morph into a serene bed
And the sweetest dreams I see always
Be the same as yours, the heaven created by
Those splendid dreams could become
Our adorable abode, eternally.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


The sun flower opened their
Eyes of ambrosial love for their lover.
Wild roses blossomed and embraced
The tree, enshrouding its naked trunk
With a floral veil, swayed in the soft breeze.
Why are you still sleeping, my beloved?

I am standing forlorn in this gloomy vale
Under the hillock, covering its breast with
The brassiere of fog and mist.
Awake and get up to open the lonely window
Of your boudoir and look at me,
Waiting for you, in this eerie morning.

I am still singing a song to wake you up
From the lassitude of your salacious
Dormancy, from your amative dreams.
My enamouring seductress, wake up.
I am still standing on the bank of a spring
Of agitating ecstasy, rippling with passions.
Get up and open the window of your sensual
Lips in a soul stirring coral smile.
Come out in your gossamer negligee;
The mist will cover your bareness
In your rear and me with my frame
Your delectable bosom with a cuddle.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


If that flower fall off, and kiss the earth,

From the crest of a tiny breeze;

If a magical chant of music,

Of the endearing melody of an overture

Is heard, emanating from the bamboo flute;

If the memory of a long forgotten ditty, sung many times,

Bring the charm of a magnificent rainbow, to the soul;

If the tear drops moisten my wheezy bosom

Through a long awaited, message coached in love;

Then each drop of the nectar, conserved in my soul,

Is a gift, she has given to me by her memory!

If the words springing from her coral lips, could

Sow the seeds of abiding glee, in my entity;

If her entrancing, beatific smile flow in, as

Ambrosia, to dulcify my life;

I will sustain it, like the broken piece of a peacock’s

Plume, of my pristine love, in the treasure trove,

Deep inside the depth of my placid mind.

The glowing embers of despair, spread through the veins,

Flustering rueful thoughts, and making me insane.

The buds of sweet charming spring, longed to bloom.

Withered, fell into the lap of the earth.

Every desire, dreamt in my beautiful reverie,

Dissolved in the wild empty sands of the scorching desert.

I no longer wish to have another rebirth,

As I am gratified with all the raptures

Of a billion rebirths

In this life itself, because she loved me…

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It rained vermillon on the sky,
And the evening was bidding farewell.
Tell me, my beloved heaven!,
Are you deserting your own daylight?
Your ravishing cheeks are sodden with tears.

While I am trailing your shadow,
Are you fleeing away from me,
Into the wilderness, far away?
My beautiful! Whenever you are getting away
I feel you are emerging closer, abutting into my heart..

The last scene in the final act of the play of love, has ended.
The viewers have emptied their seats.
What are you seeking?
You have forgotten to sing your lines,
In the play, again.
Your flute, also has fallen in the quagmire.
Your loving one has languished into
The utter darkness of the night..
Wallowing through tears, lugging moans in the chest.

In the cremation ground of desolate dreams
You stand in front of the pyre, and watch this squalid sight..

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Illimitable dazzling blue sky,

The ocean of eternity;

The earth, the sun and the moon

Are swans playfully swimming in the pond

Of this vast expanse of deep space.

The millions of stars and galaxies

Are the snow bubbles emanating

In among the waves of this eternal

Ocean, always in motion in time and

The infinitude of the Space.

This unknown lover has been waiting

From infinity of time immemorial,

Without beginning or end, for

A beloved without identity.

In every full moon night he prepares

An ornate golden throne for her in the heavens,

And in frustration when she is not coming

And he could not meet her, sheds his tears

In despair from the clouds, with the fierce wrath

Of thunder and lightning, inundating the earth.

An unfulfilled hope enshrined in the heart!

As an analogy the ocean reached its hands

To grapple the setting golden sun

Into its bosom, and vermillion sky also

Attempted to hide the sun in the gloom of

Its hair locks, but was foiled and discomfited.

And the sun acquiesced to the effort of the sea.

Embracing with fond affection like zealous lovers

They together went into the nuptial bower to

Spend the night in lascivious splurges, and to rise

Up early in the morning with a suffused blush

On the cheeks, and a contented grimace.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quintessential Love...

Why do you ask me to adore you,

Clasping your fingers around the wrist

Of my frail hands, that has lost its strength?

You know better, you could entice a stronger

Lover than me, more charming and suave,

If you wish, and be with him for eternity.

My heart has melted out already and

I don’t have much to offer you, to fulfill

Your needs, as you fancy in your dreams.

Then why did you come to me from that

Faraway place, seeking only me?

I have not kept anything saved for you,

In the languor of my forgetfulness.

I have always been reminding myself,

That you are there in the faraway place

Keeping vigil to approach me one day,

And I knew you will come any day, seeking me

And embrace me in your love for me.

While I went out strolling around, in the pale

Moonlight through the darkened alleys,

I used to tell myself about your coming one day.

But Oh! DEATH, I never even wished it should

Be this moment that you chose to come;

Seeking me to take me away to your abode….

Monday, May 16, 2011


Desires. like

A tailor bird, are weaving out a tiny nest,

With a thousand dreams.

Expectations silently lighted the lamps

Umpteen times, frequently had to put it out,

Again and again, in frustration.

Saddening realities have entered from remote

Unknown areas of disillusionment.

I was erecting a splendid edifice

On the land of my dreams and imaginations,

Even while time clasps shackles on my wrist.

My very small aspirations conserved

In the garret of my mind, still look forward to

Sing lullabies in elation, in its realization.

Life is like a paper boat in the lake of tears,

Drifting rudderless, in the midst of the vast

Expanse of water, and rocking in the waves;

Far away shores remain unseen, in the stark

Darkness of the vagabond night.

No one to share the anguish in the mind;

No one to help, to set down my burden.

Somewhere in the far corner of the horizon,

A few stars are staring at me, through the veil

Of darkness, with wrath, appearing like sentinels,

And the streak of lightning piercing the darkness,

Cannot placate the condemnation of the night.

I am still awaiting to hear the song of the

Sea birds, as I am befuddled with my directions;

Seeking the shores, struggling in the arms of the waves.

The flame of my hankering is swaying in the

Eddies and vortices with life’s turbulence.

The earthen pots of scorching pain are seeking

Water to quench its burning thirst.

In the chilling breeze around the corner,

The sun painted the eastern sky with crimson

Surrealistic images, and it looks like the shore is nearby now.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


A moment of absence, a moment of desertion;

A day of rebukes and dispute, heart breaking;

Creates a deep incision in the soul, for an age.

The intensity of correlation existed, metamorphose

Into an illusion of bondage, and imprisonment.

Wish if I could throw away these bonds,

Escape and become a free bird and fly away!

The merging of souls- amalgamation;

The manifestations of emotions;

Conglomeration of desires;

Stampede of passions;

The self abuse of thoughts and

Dubious imaginations of the tousled mind...

Forget all these and become free… I wish.

From the dense jungles of reminiscences;

From the umpteen intimate amative affection;

Before singing with discords my melodies

Out of rhythm and beats, forgetting the lines,

And play with the broken strings, if I could

Exit from this stage of oppression and subordination!

If I could ever untie the tangled knots

In the fabulous riddle of life, then

What a great freedom, I will attain!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Desires. Like

A tailor bird, are weaving out a tiny nest,

With a thousand dreams.

Expectations silently lighted the lamps

Umpteen times, frequently had to put it out,

Again and again, in frustration.

Saddening realities have entered from remote

Unknown areas of disillusionment.

I was erecting a splendid edifice

On the land of my dreams and imaginations,

Even while time clasps shackles on my wrist.

My very small aspirations conserved

In the garret of my mind, still look forward to

Sing lullabies in elation, in its realization.

Life is like a paper boat in the lake of tears,

Drifting rudderless, in the midst of the vast

Expanse of water, and rocking in the waves;

Far away shores remain unseen, in the stark

Darkness of the vagabond night.

No one to share the anguish in the mind;

No one to help, to set down my burden.

Somewhere in the far corner of the horizon,

A few stars are staring at me, through the veil

Of darkness, with wrath, appearing like sentinels,

And the streak of lightning piercing the darkness,

Cannot placate the condemnation of the night.

I am still awaiting to hear the song of the

Sea birds, as I am befuddled with my directions;

Seeking the shores, struggling in the arms of the waves.

The flame of my hankering is swaying in the

Eddies and vortices with life’s turbulence.

The earthen pots of scorching pain are seeking

Water to quench its burning thirst.

In the chilling breeze around the corner,

The sun painted the eastern sky with crimson

Surrealistic images, and it looks like the shore is nearby now.

Sunday, May 1, 2011



My Beloved:

I am grateful; for whatever you have given me.

For the exceptional ecstasy and bliss you bestowed,

While sitting silently by my side.

And for the kindness over whelming and

Enveloped in your glances, without me aware if it;

Besides the ’sweet rose petal smile’ unfurled

On your enthralling corral studded lips, for me;

For the few shriveled flowers shed from your

Plaits of hair, ruffled by the breeze, I treasured.

And the fragrance drizzling on my reminiscence,

Though, you left without saying anything to me.

For your short presence, nonetheless for a few moments

In my dreams, enriching and invigourating my life.

And for visiting me and inquiring about my well being,

And the coquetry like a tiny white dove, and fly away

To some unknown destination like the storm,

Throwing me in a vortex of confusion.

For sprinkling of few drops of love on the

Wick of the earthen lamp of the stricken mind,

Burning in angst, with the flame of despondency.

Thank you my dear, for whatever you have gifted me,

And failed to grant me in your life…

Thank you very much..

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The tender mood brims over the mind
Of the silent love between us;
Though unremembered,
Though withered, it is again blooming
On the golden shores of
Love, in the morning glory...
Unknowingly I kept my love for her
In the fathoms of my eyelids
She came softly with silent stride
Grasping in her breath,
Purring and grazing against my cheeks.
She kissed on my half closed eyelids
With moist lips, ardent with her love.
She learned to hum my unseen poetry
Unknowingly when I was aloof.
She used to hold this shivering violin
Hard pressed on her bosom.
I know not, how much and why I loved my
PEARL of Pearls! throughout my existence.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


[In light vein}

How magnificent is this universe,

And its trillions of infinitesimal creatures?

The firmament announcing the handiwork

Of the creator, and the sky revealing

The glory of its Master and designer;

And the day uttering speech to the day,

Night divulge knowledge to another night;

Without sign, language or speech, where

Their voice is not heard, but in silence;

And their line has gone out through all earth,

With words, to the end of the world.

Perfect! Systematic! Without any flaw!

On the seventh day of creation He thought of

Making the man, to till His ground!

No aestheticians or ergonomists,

Were available, for consultation.

And worried He was and tired too.

He haphazardly, slovenly made a form

Resembling the present day human,

From the insipid earth under his foot,

And breathed life into his nostrils;

Man became a living being thus;

With innumerable imperfections, because

He wanted only a robot type being, to toil

And till His newly formed earth.

For such a purpose who needs aesthetics

Or efficacy or efficiency in a lackey?

Only minimum skill was required of him

To till the ground and of a gardener.

He did not hesitate to provide him an assistant

In the form of a woman, stark naked

And interesting to look at.

*********** ************

There are no sharp edges but only

Curves or rounds in the human body.

Even a butterfly, a bird, a fish or snake

Is superb and more fascinating,

In their shapes and movements.

Here two holes on the sides of a shapeless

Projection we call nose, and the thumbs

Shaped like the seed of the Jackfruit;

Buttocks like the jackfruit cut into two,

And each placed side by side in the rear.

Was He a scrooge, as He is multi tasking

Each part of the human body?

A 3-in one task for the sexual organ

To be used for urinating, copulation and child birth.

A 2-in one function for the breast

To feed the baby, and to fascinate the hearts;

Another 3-in one to understand the taste,

As well as to worship gods, and to curse others.

How can we make a remix of these arrangements?

Replace the hands with gorgeous wings, enabling us

To fly in the blues and swim in the lake.

Add another eye behind the head to avoid,

Turn back and watch a coveted shape walking past.

Shift the urethra to the tip of the left thumb;

And no need for a powder room or cloak room,

Even so, one toilet both for the queen and the king.

And the organ could be used exclusively for

Sexual pleasures without fidget.

Imagine how humans have progressed through ages

In spite of these handicaps, to make his life

A bit more easy and comfortable!

And still pursuing and striving for more,

To grow out of the already perfect state

We are in, progressively through eons...

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Here the zephyr is fragrant with

The scent of sweet love permeating

In the souls, of the young and the old.

The spring has passed by in pomp and

Paraphernalia, in a royal chariot.

Who were in the chariot of spring?

The bride-maids of my daydreams!

The spring receded in a hurry without

Stopping the chariot here and stepping down;

Leaving, without gifting even a tiny blossom.

You are another beloved spring, my virgin season…

In the far off swell of the ocean,

With the beads of blue beryl, who scattered

The enraptured pearls in its lap?

It could only be Orpheus!

What made him leave in a hurry

Without throwing even a tiny pearl into

The river of tears, in this dark dungeon,

Closing the eyes of the mind?

My angel, your eyes are my beryl now,

The blossom of my heart, and I am

The pupil inside it, always visible there.

How stunning is the majesty of youth,

And your passions are of a thousand splendour

What made the great Creator forget to implant

Eyes of the mind to the smiling roses and for

The winged twinges of the soul?

You are the creator of love entrenched in me.

My precious singer, you’re my music too…

Friday, March 25, 2011

Tacit Love

You stood before me like a rosebud

With a single petal unfolded.

The desires crooning in the mind,

The unsaid words compressed in the thoughts,

All rushed into the mind impatiently

And settled in my fingers to pen it.

The flowers of my sighs paved your path,

And you came as a breeze over

The cascade of my love.

You came in the chariot of the rain,

Stood as a cloud above me to pour down.

I never picked up a rose and offered it to you

At any time, yet, how come you knew?

My roses are blooming for you and

Permeating its fragrance, for you alone.

How is that? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!

I never spoke a word to you, on the

Sweetness of your love, filling my heart.

I never blotted and dried up, the moisture

from your eyes, in your solitude.

Yet, you knew my desires grazing on your soul,

Were to know your thoughts.

You never hummed a song, even for a moment

That came into your mind;

In the wee hours of the night,

When the stars perplexed and the nature

Shrouded in the morning mist,

I did not embrace your tender body

Yet, you understood my thoughts were

Hovering above you, and caressing you.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The night has not swooned and slept,

But still awake and the petals of the eyelids

Were ajar, and the shadows shortened

As the flame on the lamp weakened

On the florid bed, stretched out by the mind.

The night was young, and sleep defying.

The night blossoms crept through my window,

And kissed my fingers with love.

I gathered my dress that came off

And laid it on my lap, and then realized

It was the moonlight that fell on my bed.

Immersed in reveries I forgot everything.

The dawn stole the golden hue of the day break,

Wearing the bangle of the spring moonlight.

The doves of early sun, carried nectar

Searching the blooms of the season,

As you groped for me, on the bed.

The whole blue sky was embedded on a dew drop;

A superb spring was inlaid in a tiny flower..

Happiness arising as a nebulous cascade,

Deep in the chasm of the heart, through your smile.

The golden grandeur of a morning sky reflected

The vermillion on your forehead.

Twin blue ’ Pisces’ glided tardy in the depth of your eyes.

The darkest night roosted quiescent in your hair.

The tear drops on the rosy cheeks resembled

Golden scripts of love sonnets dormant in your heart.

The tinge of your body challenged the moonlight

And Sandal paste; or was it alabaster?

Sunday, March 6, 2011


My soul was in a slumber.

Then you came and showered

Your fragrance, through your kisses

And awakened me from my sleep…..

I am, now imprisoned in a solitary

Cell, of your ardent love.

The heart yearns for looking out

To see the vistas of green plush valleys;

Sylvan hills, where the nymphs roam;

The stream where the thousand suns

Envisions through bubbles and foams;

Where the green paddy fields ripple

In the breeze, and the lonely man angling

For a stray fish and sings his

Favorite lines, of a popular ballad;

Where, the one legged stork watch

The clouds wandering over the distant

Horizon, casting a shadow, over the

Dales. and the hills on its sojourn;

Where, the boatman sings a mournful lyric

And rows happily against the tide….

The rain splattering on the placid lake

Making tiny holes in the surface….

Where the rain drips through the leaves

Of the needle trees, in lustrous rivulets;

Where the urchins play, and gleefully

Jump naked, into the murky pond.

Your soothing fingers caressing my nape

While you stand close, embracing me

Arouse me from these reveries of the

Long forgotten fantasies; suddenly

I realize, that all these are embedded

In your feather touch…

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The dazzling glowing image in the eyes

As in a mirror, I saw you, my eye

Of my eyes, that providential day.

Why did you, my beautiful, cast a glance

At me, and me not knowing it?

Mind is blossoming as a jasmine vine,

With all starry white flowers, timidly

Opening its eyes, emanating the sweet scent

That awakens the morbid spirit.

Then with the dewdrops adorned an anklet.

And I hear a celestial music wafting into my ears

That of your sitar softly humming a melody,

Blended with the splendor of the rainbow.

Your heart is quivering with swallowed words

You have forgotten to enunciate, in your frenzy

When your glance met mine midway betwixt us.

My Angel Pearl, I will festoon my head with

A string of those pearls and keep you as a mole

In my bosom, caressing your undulating breast.

I wish if I could become a bead in your rosary,

Always being fondled by your fingers in reverie.

Your heart is a tendril entwined on my body that

Has forgotten to soothe you, in your apprehension.

Why did you initially cast a glance at me and

Entice me, embedding your soul inside mine.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Some where in the softness of the soul
A rare flower bloomed, and became orphaned
Suppressing its vibrant pangs;
It lies in the silent valleys of yesterdays,
Struggling and gasping for its final breath;
Even when love has been retreating with its hung head,
Cheated by the insurmountable barriers of the inevitable
Realities and limitations of sincerity,
Someone whispers from the innermost:
"My Beloved!, I still love you-...
much more and more...
and more...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The face is the mirror of the mind

The smiles, the garden where blooms the dreams

The voice turn to be the waves of the emotions;

My beloved, you are the idol of love.

Your heart throbs chant magical words

In soft tunes, intoxicate me

Into a mesmerized spell.

Awakening me with the sweetness

Of an ardent kiss, on my parched lips.

The yearning of our hearts, to embrace,

And cling to the arms of each other,

Puts me to slumber- a passionate trance.

Take me to a green lush island

Of strange, soft tenderness…

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Towering Infernos!

That age when the chilling fragrance of love

Pervades over the spirit,and enamoured rhythms of

Love songs erupts from the heart,

I knew you, without knowing you in my soul.

And confessed my fondness for you.

Then I felt the distance shrinking and

Closing in, blending our life together.

I hear the echo of a song in my ears now

From the ramparts of my reminiscence,

And my memory starts rollicking wildly.

Your memory begins to flutter in my eyelids

And nostalgia liquefies in the breath

Memories raining, memories holding umbrella,

Sweltering memories, trickling as from a water fount;

With each spring season that tarries in the memory

A drop of tear oozes with a sigh, into the psyche;

Unwritten anecdotes throng, of the bygone years;

Magical windows ajar in the realm of illusion,

Crying loudly or sobbing while in a dream,

Bring forth tears in rivulets running over the cheeks.

Does the assuaging breeze know about the rhythms of the breath?

Does the lyre understand the tone of silence?

How can anyone recite a poem without recollecting its lyrics?

Who can string together dew drops like pearls?

The consequences of frustration over unrequited love,

Create furnaces like infernos in the soul.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alluring Aria…

While blossoms of roses profusely embraced
The golden fleece of the descending sun in
The twilight, imbibing the ruddy champagne,
From the chalice of the flamboyant evening,
It swooned off into a deep slumber.

And then, like the soft petals cascading on the
Virescent carpet of velvety grass, the rivulets
Of ambrosia suffused from your melodies of love…

Like dew drops as pearls of golden dreams
Plummeting into the hushed
Silence of the desolate night, over
Waters of the pond in slumber,
The soft aria of your music drizzled into
My rueful soul strewn with consternation…

As tired eyelids wearied by deep sleep,
Falls on tired eyelids in silent softness,
The ravishing tone of the music is
Caressing the spirit, and I am diffusing
In the ethereal sweetness of the inveigling song…

The ripples in the milky lake are murmuring in glee;
The specks of the moon dust is sprinkled around
Fragrance of champa blossoms pervades in the air;
Quaint beauty dance on the floor of amber dreams.
The sweetness of the silent night hovering over
On the wings of your music, sinks into my soul,
And I am in a delectable trance... ineffable.

While the undulating resonance of your music drifts
Towards me, empyrean bliss sprouts in the psyche.
If your songs are this prolific, how bounteous
Will be your spontaneous sweet penchant!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Agitating Love

Do not love me this vigorously…

Do not love me this fervently…

My heart is searing and sweltering,

With the agonizing torridity of your love.

The luscious dreams in my eyes are

Smoldering and burning out.

I never coveted for this much love

That I cannot compromise or cherish

Inside my heart’s mother of pearl.

All that I wanted was the complacent warmth

Of a minuscule spark of love, to haul the burden

Of a lugubrious despondency that weighed upon me.

And cross the Empty Quarter of a desert of

Arduous affliction that threatened my existence.

I managed to reach the shore struggling with

The waves of grueling misery, with the helping

Heart touch of a loving hand stretched out towards me.

I could break the walls of a fortress of

The sweltering heat shield of the stifling summer,

With the chilling wetness of a moist kiss

Of your beguiling lips that lingered in mine.

I am surviving as a burning candle now,

Without perishing in the hell fire of my expectations,

Only with the fond memory I relish from the past,

Of a loving caress, of your soothing hand.

So do not drown me by immersing me

In the deluge of your savage love;

As I cannot withstand the sight of

A flayed heart by your lurid love …

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Melodies of Life

The panorama was a grandeur; the setting sun,

The resplendent evening sky, the homing birds,

The soft tidal waves surfed on the shores, kissing

The sands for long moments, reluctant to turn back,

Squeezing the nectar out of its lips, while receding.

Your countenance was imprinted in my imagination then.

I felt like seeing you and you came to me, as in a dream,

I felt like talking something to you and we understood

Each other; and when we understood each other

I realized there is love lurking in your silence and gaze;

From that moment I never wanted to be away from you.

I will prepare a thousand springs,

with a tiny flower from my dreams

For you to mirthfully ravish, and enjoy your days.

And when you are away from me, and I cannot see you

My teardrops will turn out into incessant rains and

Douse you with my memories.

I will paint your visage with the rainbows and umpteen

Moonlights mixed on the palette of my love,

And write with the quill of your eternal affection,

The sonnets of my life’s melodies again and again…

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hark ! Is that the tinkling of her anklet or

The rippling of the waves, or the chirping of sea birds;

Or the vibrant tone of the bowstrings

On the bow of Cupid, or is it the

Fluttering sound of my beloved’s laughter?

Day dreams are burgeoning;

Desires are filling up in the mind’s cavern;

Nectar is flooding up through the veins;

Alabaster bosom with the fragrance of Sandalwood

Is pulsating with suppressed passions…

The smell… The intoxicating smell of a woman

Enhanced the charisma of that evening.

Nerves are entwining and entangling,

And dancing like mating snakes with their

Hoods spread out, in rhythmic oscillation.

The flowers of my ecstasies are enfolding you.

The alluring fragrance of a woman’s body

Added untold delights to that evening.

Is it a vision or a dream or a hallucination?

I can’t decipher, but one thing I am assured;

It was your fragrance that permeated there!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Why did you come so late, to witness
The rising moon, of my mind;
My pretty evening, and to fondle
The dove that had its feathers withered,
Striving to reach the yonder blue.

In the corridor of gloomy twilight
I am burning out as an earthen lamp;
Even without knowing to cry
And shed my tears; standing in the midst
Of a sea with the fierce waves roaring
And splashing over me in anger, and
Me, meditating in penance for you.

You fade out as the pale moon into the clouds,
From the porthole of the mind, and in expectancy
I am waiting in anxiety as a still shadow, to hear
A knock of prayer on the door of my soul,
Yearning to see you return, to enliven my
Forlorn existence with the delight of you
Being around and near me, as my guardian angel.

In the mind the vermillion petals dance
Along with butterflies and chirping birds.
There arise a thousand rainbows
In the glorious splendor of the
Grandiose hues in the sugary romantic
Dreams, that floats in and out.
I have forgotten even my mind.
You have opened the silent doors of
My heart, without me knowing it.
Passions scattered the blooms of lust
On the bed of eiderdown, where we lay.
Coy meekness started pavane of a peacock in the eyes.
You painted with your eye lashes
A magical spectrum with the colours of love.
The lines jotted with the quill
Adorned exquisite brilliance, naturally.
A revival… A rebirth…