Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Tell me now from your innate wisdom,
Who is a friend and who is a foe.
You are familiar with the misery of
Incarceration and its ramifications.
The proverb says that the face is
The mirror of the mind and reflects truly,
Whatever is there as feelings and emotions.
The modern impression is that it defaces
The mind, and cache all the emotions,
Sinking it into the chasm of the soul.

In the exterior, it is all miles of smiles and
Detonating cheerful pleasantries.
Inside rages the flames of vendetta and rivalry.
Now who is the patriarch here and
Who are the submissive children?
Everything is a magic show performed
Or conducted and concocted by money only.

You see from a distance, a beautiful manor.
But those hearts living inside, are in prison.
It is futile and worthless to count
How many storey it possess.
Here love and affection means gold only.
Everything is sorcery and necromancy of wealth.

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