Thursday, April 29, 2010

WOMEN...DON'T BE OFFENDED...take it easy!..


Oh! the gladness of her gladness when she is glad
And sadness of her sadness when she is sad
But the gladness of her gladness
and the sadness of her sadness
Are as nothing....
To the badness of her badness
when she is bad.........

She is an angel in truth,
a demon in fiction
And means the greatest of all contradictions..

She is afraid of a cockroach,
she will scream at a mouse
But she 'll tackle a husband ,
as big as a house.

She 'll take him for better
or take him for worse;
She will split his head wide open
and then be his nurse.
And when he is well and can get out of bed
She 'll pack up a tea-pot
and throw it at his head.

She is faithful, deceitful,
keen sighted and blind
She is crafty, she is simple,
she is cruel, she is kind
She 'll lift a man up,
she will cast him down.
She will make him her hero,
her ruler, her clown.

You will fancy she is this,
and you will find she is that,
For she will play like a kitten,
she will fight like a cat
In the morning she will,
in the evening she won't
And you are always expecting she will,
but she won't.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Call It Love?

The ache which had no name
Someone called it love.
The honey which dripped and split
In the earth was called tears.
The mirage with the golden tinge
We called it the imagination.

The bamboo which was cut
And was injured, cried.
And that worthless wooden
Tube was called a flute.

The beautiful clouds wept and
Its color splashed across the sky
It became the rainbow.
And the unforgotten silent music
Which emanated was called the mind.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Words pure and love filled,
I have to confess to you;
The truth in my heart, you never knew,
As you stand apart with spite in your thoughts;
Even when chanting your name in my soul;
Day and nightI kept my unsung love,
A secret, in the labyrinth of my heart.
Inside me an ocean swelled to fondle you,
And your soul yearned for that caress endlessly.
You heard the eternal music, resonant of love.

I know not what to call that sweet agony it creates,
Of the rapturous relation ..Love!
Or is it the divine mercy
Designed to paddle through life, without
Drowning in its depth?

Turned a tear welling cloud,
Me an equation of destiny;
And you, a seed promising a forest in you;
Like the earth craving for the rain....

Thursday, April 8, 2010


This road is lonely; not a soul around.
The sky looks so majestic, with all its possession.
Your memory is filling me with all its opulence;
Then I saw a star weeping up there, glimmering,
Shedding its tears, into the clouds below.

Our futile birth has become the whimpering
Hand of a clock, indicating the seconds in life
Of the boundless eternity.
Grief and happiness mingle here;
And desires and passions die here;
Naturally without any cause or reasons.

In those days I sang for you to hear,
And I wrote poems for you to read.
But now you are not in my presence;
Only wilted dry petals of blossoms
Withered from the plaids of your hair
Remain here, reminding me of your
Exquisite smiles and laughter and
Your humorous prattle.

Man! Who created you in this earth?
Who glorified you in this life?
You have deserted me, but your
Memory still persists and enlivens
My soul- Everlasting, fresh and green,
Even after death ...for ever and always yours

Monday, April 5, 2010


My love turned you
Into a caged bird
I purchased your silver skies
I closed your horizon
In the crust of my heart….
Without anyone seeing it.

I craved to hide you as a pearl
In the locket of my necklace
I heard, you chanting my name,
In your every heartbeat.

I knew the balmy fragrance of your
Eternal love towards me
I saw the rapidity of your mind
Coveting only my ecstasy.
I was your refuge, mother, goddess,
Your beloved, and your unborn daughter.

And what are you for me?
The rain which poured down
On the scorched earth of my heart
Thirsting for the water
Of your interminable love…

A boon-giver who appears in the dream
Before the hapless, helpless devotee,
To grant any gift off him
And I chose your loving heart…

Friday, April 2, 2010


Are you also a lover?
Are the dewdrops, the wrath of the night?
Strange desires!
Your paths are so broad,
And amazing, with my love.

Soft breeze!
can you hear this rhyme?
Could you go and whisper it into her ears?
Come back here to shower that music
Embedded with her love, to me?

The woods have now assumed a splendor,
And life a pleasure, always in here;
Forever spring, and without seasons.
The spirit always,is in harmony,
All throughout the day and night.
Today my silence is immersing
In the rhythm of the melody
Of your love……..