Friday, November 27, 2009

Melodies of the heart…

The dewdrops swooned and slumbered
In the frenzy of kisses from the moonlight,
Now the moon slept along with the myriads of stars.
The night adorned with the sandal paste, also dozed.
The earth and the heaven looked into each other’s eyes.
The Night Queen unfolded its petals in full.
And then the butterflies of dreams woke up.

We had moulted the attire of sleep, many a times
From our lonely nights, when you were near;
Like the evergreen dreams, and you poured
Your enamoured affection all over me.
My wildest of imaginations, unknown, melted
In your ocean blue eyes, made it dazzle and
Embellish your lonely morning hours.
Your love is always my alluring melodies in life.

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