Thursday, August 8, 2013


Pathways created by the cruel destiny;

Souls bidding farewell on its sojourn;

Scorching desires of the heart;

Anguish spreading out  everywhere….

Silence grows up watching this scenario;

Life stream floods over embankment;

Distressing in the eddies in its effort to succumb.

Flowers wither and scatter in the breeze;

Days are diffusing in suppressed sobs;

And fall out in the depth of misery and despair.

Life prolongs indifferently and unconsciously.

Dawn will break up one day, carrying

The fragrance of a dream in the wind

Desires will flutter with a thousand wings

The Night Queens will bloom in the forlorn gloom,

And its sweet scent will permeate in the air.

Won’t you come back as the moonlight that gloom?


You who have heard the heartbeat of the night, 

you who have heard, in the long, sleepless hours, 

A closing door, the rumble of distant wheels, 

A vague echo, a wandering sound from somewhere: 

You, in the moments of mysterious silence, 

When the forgotten ones issue from their prison-- 

In the hour of the dead, In the hour of repose-- 

Will know how to read the bitterness in my verses. 

I fill them, as one would fill a glass, with all 

My grief for remote memories and black misfortunes, 

The nostalgia of my flower-intoxicated soul 

And the pain of a heart grown sorrowful with fĂȘtes; 

With the burden of not being what I might have been, 

The loss of the kingdom that was awaiting me, 

The thought of the instant when I might not have been born 

And the dream my life has been ever since I was! 

All this has come in the midst of that boundless silence 

In which the night develops earthly illusions, 

And I feel as if an echo of the world's heart 

Had penetrated and disturbed my own.



Do come my beloved like the divine music

On the flute into the tender mournful  heart.

Have you abandoned your sweet heart

Wandering as  your shadow along with you?

Though you are far away from me

Your sweet music fills me up like a moan

In the soul, my beloved!

Unable to depart from each other,

Bloom in my life as a blossom

Enter into my life as a soft melody...

Let us diffuse in  the moon light

Pervading in the lap of darkness

And dissolve our souls together.

Wherever I am, my angel, your

Sweet voice fills up my heart,

As a  heavenly harmony in its wake.

Though the mind is in the gloom of sadness

Your adorable countenance  brightens

And radiate its brilliance in me….