Tuesday, July 7, 2009

…a joy for ever.

The exquisiteness in the petals of blossoms
Overwritten with the blueness of heaven
In the eyes where dreams have swooned;
A nymph of the clouds, whose cheeks are
Painted a crimson hue of love and its bashfulness.

You were, so far standing on the other side of
My ocean of imagination, in my vivid memory.
The radiant prettiness of your face and its
Sweet inviting smiles of ravishing cheerfulness
Were remaining far out of my orbit.
Is this a present from charm and grace to me?
Is this a gift from the Goddess of love to me?
Today you will adorn the brilliance of a full moon
Of the spring season, in its full glory and approach
Me in the lonesome path of my dreams.
The silent elegance and consensus you diffuse,
Is the blessedness bestowed on me in this birth.
The indomitable never ending rapture,
Or a stunning flower that will never wither!

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