Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rainbows and dreams…

Like a flower that has no petals and its
Demure timidity became a song in its heart;
Those rhythms in the heart beats are the music
Of my life; my tranquil music…

Passions seeking salvation, embraced beauty,
Flowing through rivulets of eloquent silence
Of imagination, and hallucinations.
Let the hues start painting that portrait
Of this flower that embezzle my heart.
Rainbows leaning on the earth and spanning
Over the firmament, caressing in adoration
The sky, eternally blue and placid in its nature,
Clasping the chillness of the snow-
Clad mountains of the earth,
Gifted and bestowed on me dreams
And the entire fragrance, of that flower.
The flower that has stolen my heart…

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