Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Desires. Like A tailor bird, are weaving out a tiny nest, 
With a thousand dreams. 
 Expectations silently lighted the lamps  
Umpteen times, frequently had to put it out, 
 Again and again, in frustration. 
 Saddening realities have entered from remote 
 Unknown areas of disillusionment. 
 I was erecting a splendid edifice 
 On the land of my dreams and imaginations, 
 Even while time clasps shackles on my wrist. 
 My very small aspirations conserved 
 In the garret of my mind, still look forward to  
Sing lullabies in elation, in its realization.  
Life is like a paper boat in the lake of tears, 
Drifting rudderless, in the midst of the vast  
Expanse of water, and rocking in the waves;
 Far away shores remain unseen, in the stark 
 Darkness of the vagabond night. 
 No one to share the anguish in the mind;  
No one to help, to set down my burden. 
 Somewhere in the far corner of the horizon, 
 A few stars are staring at me, through the veil 
 Of darkness, with wrath, appearing like sentinels, 
 And the streak of lightning piercing the darkness, 
 Cannot placate the condemnation of the night. 
 I am still awaiting to hear the song of the Sea birds, 
 as I am befuddled with my directions; 
 Seeking the shores, struggling in the arms of the waves. 
 The flame of my hankering is swaying 
in the Eddies and vortices with life’s turbulence. 
 The earthen pots of scorching pain are seeking 
 Water to quench its burning thirst. 
 In the chilling breeze around the corner, 
The sun painted the eastern sky with crimson 
 Surrealistic images, and it looks like the shore is nearby now..


Friday, August 19, 2016


The amorous tinkle of your anklet
I heard, and the sweet treads in
the corridor sounded, when you came in;
Like the golden rays of the evening sun
Coming filtered through the colored
Panes, of my window.
As a soft overture, when someone touches
The strings of my tense heart,
Like the raindrops settling on the leaves,
Squirting nectar on my life
I was enthralled to hear the soft footsteps.
When you paddled into my chamber
Like the bee, circling around the floret,
Shrouded by minuscule drops
Of the morning snow,
As the footsteps approached me
I found you as another magnificent sun,
Trying to drown in the ocean, of my silent love.
The golden hue of the sun covered you
In silhouette;
The buds of my ecstasy bloomed;
In those moments, I became one in you
And you became one in me.
The earth and the sky stared to find out
The lover, of this gorgeous bride and asked.
“Whoever is the bridegroom of this nymph? ”

The breeze whispered into the ears of the
Flower. ”What will happen to night? ”
And a few stars peeped out from behind the curtain,
In coy meekness, and blinked gleefully.



There is no dispensation for love,
To a maiden who is entitled only
For a mound of earth in the end as her grave
For her eternal rest, and no rights allowed
To have even dreams, while alone.

My heart has turned into a book
Already eaten by white ants,
And could become dust any time.
When I say farewell, I have only
One memento left in me.
To give you, when I bid farewell at last;
A mind, dried up of dreams, and,
A soul made destitute.

There are thousands of meaningful meanings
In the words, we have kept unsaid.
I am carrying the stinking rags of dreams
Which we shared unknowingly through withered
Lonely desolate nights and silent moments;
Carrying it like grey and pale dreams
What is left undone is the slaughter of those
Dreams and I have to undertake that
And lay a wreath on it.
And we both part our ways in two directions
Without saying any more words!


Friday, August 12, 2016


Heavy rains… It’s raining helter- skelter!
Unable to see beyond the courtyard;
Hardly hear anything other than the clatter..
Like pelting, on a tin roof.
This is the monsoon of torrential rain of pain;
Of sodden wicks in the lamp of hopes,
With traumatized desires: desires fondled
In the soul for long, through life’s tempestuous
Paths, rugged, and hazardous.
Heavy rains of tears of desolation,
From the long summer of desertion,
Evaporated and condensed, now falling down
As heavy rain, seeking me..
A long lost lover!

Soft fingers of reminiscence are clasping,
And flouncing, all over my body.
In the haste, the fingers become unsteady
And detach with a spasm of anguish in the mind.
I sense someone, whispering into my ears,
Confiding adorable words of affection,
Discreetly stimulating the heart.
A familiar emotion other than grief!

In the vales of the darkened gloom
Of despondency, shadows creep around.
On the doorsteps of reflections
Some foot treads are overheard.
Outside the window a dream flashed
With a lightning, out of the blue…
This rain will die down, and the morning dew
Will sparkle, on the grass blades again.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016



She touched him like a whisper....
Their eyes met like a touch; softest of its kind,
Like a feather; as a spark of electricity.
Love is not love till the moment, it is given,
The inception of that eternal emotion
Could stem from a mere look only.
That look develops and spread into
Innumerable spheres of love and affection.
Mutually attracted, is the first stage.
Body language rapidly shows changes, in
Body temperature, heart beats, respiration;
Parched throat, and sweating hands.
Who is in control of these reactions?

Emotional attachments have two dimensions:
Attraction based on body, image, beauty,
Complexion, intelligence, and tastes;
Then albeit all these, based on beliefs, interests,
And occupation; still the depth increases
On basis of confidence on the beloved,
Sharing of thoughts, happiness and woes,
Dreams, aspirations, and too personal secrets.

Nevertheless man or woman, they speak
About everything hidden and unhidden
Without reservation; without hesitation.
You will adore the relationship always
And adhere to each other.
It opens the vistas of beauty, interest,
And pellucid relations.
If such a degree of adherence, cannot be reached
It becomes stale and ephemeral.
It turns to a mechanical exercise.
The substance of relationship becomes romance,
Without which the love life, cannot blossom.
In it, you recognize the truth of love.
It helps to make a better lover and partner.

Romance flow out of the heart and
Preserve the loyalty and fidelity
Towards your partner in love.
The ardent desire, the zeal, the obsession,
In suppressible passion,
You are prepared to do whatever you can
For the one whom you love.
As your mind and body surrenders
And you gift your whole being for the other,
The populace accepts it as LOVE...