Friday, July 24, 2009

Mind is a peacock…

When the gate at the check- post of my mind
Is opening, I perceive in my reminiscences
Words whimpered in the silence of the night.,
By someone, nearest to my heart.
The one who has painted a thousand seas
In my eyes, so different from dreams
Softly, lightly, and densely as an etching;
Like a searing pinhole of light, in darkness.

For the warmth, as a penance
Everywhere is the season of dreams!
A season of frenzy, as a flame!
Like mating snakes in the rain shadow woods,
Waves of amour break at the conch of heart.
Everywhere the flowering season is seeking
The flaming blossoms, that gives solace
In tranquility, gliding like a bird
In the soft breeze, carrying the fragrance …

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