Thursday, June 28, 2012



Some one attempting to play a sad note
On the earthen dulcimer of the mind;
A note and rhythm of tears, dripping from
The icicles of solidified grief;
With insipid energy, and whimpering spirit
Like an evening that is spent;
And bidding farewell with chaotic attrition
In the innards of synergic debacle.
Even the regaling moonlight and
Starry sky has become scorching
Summer that scald the prurient passions
Sheltering inside the soul, in a cloister.
The splendorous spring has dwindled into
A spasmodic, saddening winter.
And your sodden heart, a picture
With the ornate glass, broken in splinters.
You have become a singing bird
Wounded, and flying in the darkness.
On the streets of rainbows, awakens
The tumult and maelstrom of the sky.
On the unknown nameless road
Someone is wandering with agony,
Melancholy painted across the face.
Affliction gathering teardrops, overwhelming
In the heart, hiding among the eyelashes as
Condensed atonement , of tribulations.
Effigies of shadows like puppets
Are awaiting for something to happen..
Borrowed births recreated from previous births.
Ogling as the rain clouds with a throbbing heart alone
Amidst the whistle of cold wind
Attempting to sing a dirge in despair..
The treads diffusing into echoes
Linger in the cold air as they fade out…

Thursday, June 14, 2012



I am just someone seeking your footprints

In the flimsy treasure box of your mind and

Your love blossoms in a word strewn from

Your lips and then my silence fade out and vanish

At a glance exuding from your starry eyes.

Every night you come and bestow

A revivifying , invigorating elan into me

Fondling me, rollicking me in the cradle

Of your hand, while singing a lulaby in my ears.

You have gifted me with many blessings.

Give me the pearl in your oyster so that I may

Sleep blithely in its sanctuary and repose;

Waking up to see your face closing upon mine

With a caressing kiss, that transmit your ardent affection;

And me sensing the hot breath enveloped in it.

Friday, June 1, 2012



Wherever you are,

Wherever I am

When the spluttering of life

Sibilate in our hearts,

We will love, though living afar

In different lands, silently

Without saying a word even.

Though eloquently our hearts conspire.

All that is magnificent will slumber

In my eyelids,like a spectacular panorama

As in a movie screen; a dreamboat.

Rainbows and roses; peacock and flamboyance.

The evening sky with all its resplendence

After their hectic promenade

Rejuvenating the weary sinews

In halcyon tranquility…

My sweetheart! you will hear my soft footfalls

Treading in the morning snow;

My voice echoing in the misty air surrounding you;

My love will be in a haze, encompassing you

With resilient thuds of my heart.

All that I need is this love, and nothing else;

Not even a sigh that may fizzle out of your chest.

You were always beside me

Though we live in far away lands.

But I feel the warmth of your delicate fingers

Like a feather touch, on my cheeks

Fondling and blotting away my anxiety.

I feel the fragrance of your breath

Kissing my eyelashes, holding me in its

Bewitching luscious sublimation.

My desires have taken shape

And reached my side in your person….