Wednesday, November 26, 2014



            MORNING GLORY….

In the silent chorus of dawn
I bask in the glow
Of your last embrace

And on the paving stones
Of longing, I tread impatiently
Towards our next encounter.

Your gift nestles proud
Between my breasts, intertwined
Pearls of love, and light.

While nature wraps
Her grief with artfulness
In the lustre of a gemstone

Saturday, November 22, 2014




Paint me a picture,
won't you?
Of not any images,
but words that trickle
out of your lips.

The light that shines
in your eyes,
in the dark hours.

A picture of love and
its tender shower.

The unsaid vows that
beat in the hearts.
The warmth that you
give to my veins.

The tingle in the spine,
the blush on my

The aura around me,
that on me,
you bestowed.

The moment, when the
heart missed a beat,
and the window left open,
Through which my
heart flew away
to you.

The moment, when I lost
and found us.

Paint me a picture, won't you...
of the unexplained feelings
and the unleashed emotions?

But don't pick up the brush,
and don't mix colours in your
palette and don't you look
for a bare canvas...

Paint on my heart, my soul
and my skin...
The colours of your love
 and let me be totally
tinted by your hues...

Paint on me a picture,
unseen by others...
Won’t you?
The colours of you...
and let me be totally
tinted by your hues...

Paint on me a picture,
unseen by others...

won't you?


Friday, November 14, 2014



I hate highbrows and hypocrites.
But love white cladded maidens
On their way to church, on a Sunday.

I like fast Cars and fast drivers;
But hate to travel in a public transport bus;
And travel to the end of the world with a companion
Who shares the same interest with me.

I like to eat the lunch from a pack
Bound in banana leaf, with curd and lime pickle
On top of cooked rice and French fried potato in coconut oil;
Walk through lush green paddy fields
In the morning sun and a chilling breeze.

Listen to love songs of yester years,
Brimming with innocent and vibrant love.
Read space and science fictions
And spy thrillers and crime stories.

I like those who dislike me,
Like Remya, who nailed me on the cross,
And pray “Father, she knows not what
She is doing; forgive her trespass.”


Sunday, November 9, 2014



I wish if the lamp could  extend its wick a little more
To brighten  and give a little more light
Just to ward off  the darkness that pervade
Masking the mind ,from disintegrating.
And tranquilise my weary dreams collapsing
In the alleys of the merciful darkness.
You have come to the rainsodden nest
Of my heart , without me knowing it
And roosted there like the migrating bird.
You went away without telling me
At a most delicate and subtle moment
On a day that was filled with ecstasy
And inexplicable felicity beaming around.
Do you feel the quivering  of a painful feather
On one of your splendored wings now?
Like a glistening dandy pearl resting in the mist,
That is blotted away by the morning daylight,
You diffuse as an ache from a sore wound
On the  walls of my soul from that desolate moment.
A dolorous and despondent melancholy permeates..............

Wednesday, November 5, 2014



The world outside looks so big to me
I'm only eight weeks old you see
I belong to this beautiful mom who loves me.

I curl under  her long big ear as she sleeps
Her hand holds onto my paw as I watch her sleep
Golden curls that bounce as she walks
A smile that lights up when she talks.

If I look sad it's because I am now
I'm feeling worried.
She loves me loads 

I know she does, she wouldn't go and leave me

My mom cried, when I said goodbye, but 
I was a brave little kitten
I know one day God will send my mom
But today I know, I am in her safe hands.

Mother is only one 
She is every where for every one
Only the appearance of mother maybe changed..

But her color of mother hood remains the same.

O' oh here she is running down the path,
She's looking straight at me
OOPS! mind the pot on the window sill 
Don't want to knock that off
One jump, and I'm heading for the door 
As I hear her footsteps 
She does love me, I knew she did, but 
I had my doubts to be sure.

How warm it feels in her loving arms 
As she makes a fuss of me
My mom would be so happy 
If she could see me now
I was the last one to leave her you see, 
No one wanted me
Now I'm here with all the love 
A little cat could ever see.



                        ONCE UPON A TIME

Once upon a time, some one came this way

Peddling  dreams embittered by tears.

Seeking this earth, he wandered  through

The island  of Love, carrying a message from Paradise,

He presented those sweet melodies to this

Evergreen planet for its folks to sing - his epistles.

He kept waiting for someone on the lonely shores

Of the deep blue sea, whose endless distress

Mingled with the  yonder sky, waiting interminably.

Gazing at the  wandering clouds carrying errands

Filled with rapturous ecstasy of  love to the  heavens;

All the while clinging to the star spangled  galaxies.

He filled his goblets,muzzling his ambrosial memories

Through every pubs of the night, kept open with

Its undying flames for its inmates, many a times..

Your memory is dripping down  in the seven notes

Of music incessantly  and eternally -

About the stranger who came once upon a time…

Tuesday, November 4, 2014



Did you ever find the honey that

You sought to imbibe, in the words

I coveted to pronounce?

Those uttered words filled with sweet love,

Desired to soar up like a butterfly, as

The heart coveted to spread its wings, and

The blossoms yearned to fly with them.

The tender whisper of your love, diffuse

In my ears,  the sweet passion of affection.

I am waiting with ardour in my heart to

Imbibe the sacred water of your love,

You will pour in to the palm of my hand.

The nature has spread a canopy

Over us,  for the consummation of our love.

I was waiting for this luscious moment in my life,

That could bring the tingle in your bosom,

Like a garland of jasmine buds.

The ecstatic soul suspiring to pour

The honey, beckons you to come

Into the meadow, where the moonlight

Has blossomed and is whispering into your soul...

~.Kunjubi    04 Nov. 2014