Saturday, November 27, 2010


Tell me my heart, did you ever

Crave to become a stanza in the

Sweet rhapsody of an enthralling love;

And to be a resplendent dream

In its meaningful contents.

Tell me if you have ever heard

The rustling wings of the mystifying

Love affair, in my melody?

The saffron tinge of those solitary

Evenings, were the gifts of love,

That you proffered, and conferred.

I don’t know anything, but I am

Just singing like a wounded bamboo

Stem, that cries in the wilderness.

Tell me if these songs carry the

Fragrance of ancient love ballads,

And the wind is blowing to create

A rhythm to the music in harmony,

I ‘m just singing like a forsaken bird

Waiting in the jungle, in the midst

Of a wild fire, unknowingly…

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Down Memories Lane

In your tender eyes
Blooms the starry sky.
There is only one continence
Alone in my eyes,
One note alone in the ears;
I am unable to wipe it off from my mind
It goes on and on eternally
And my life stands still in that harmony.

You illumine my environment
As the thousand lights of the lamp
In the courtyard,
And you are the one after the thousand wicks,
which stands out and radiate celestial glory.

In your sparkling curls of hair,
I perceive the emerging moon
On the firmament,
With her bride-maids–the stars .
I see golden rays in your cheeks
When your finger tips touch
The flaming lamp.
And I could see your love blazing,
In your stunning sweet face.

As I morphed into a sandal colored
Attire covering your soft rosy skin,
You entered as a poem into my mind
And your sweet snigger
Became a sparkle….

Friday, November 19, 2010


In those young days when I used to

Love blossoms, and wished to fly around them

Like a butterfly, the colour of my dreams was ‘green’.

When I coveted to touch the snow clad

Mountains that loomed over the boundless

Horizon spreading before me, the colour

Of those dreams were ‘ blue’, as the hyacinths.

The age when I desired for the dawn of

A new political system without corruption,

And the blood was bubbling with revolutionary

Ideologies, the dreams hovered around me

Looked forward for such a dawn, its colour

Was a crimson ’ red’, of the proletariat.

When I see the dry leaves of a tree

Scorched in the intolerable heat of the sun,

My excitement freeze and the dreams

Assumed the hue of ‘ash’, in despair.

In this advanced stage of life, I am unable to see

Anymore vivid dreams, I used to have.

Now my palette have the colours, got mixed

Together, and formed a blackish tint.

No more resplendent dreams in the life now!

And who knows, what its colour could be

In the eerie silence of my tomb….

Monday, November 15, 2010

Silent Night…

Evening soaked us in dewdrops.

We never realized, we were sodden.

Our feelings, too warm, swelled with

Vibrant love and in delirium of ecstasy.

The purloined hours coveting, like

Two springs gushing out of a mountain

To embrace each other and then meander

Down the plain, in unison, to eternity.

You waited for me that night, in the wintry cold

Alacrity written in your smiles and eyes,

Under the finery of the Milky Way,

The pale moon, guarded over you.

Glow worms in your heart, flew out,

Fluttering all around, in the teeny breeze.

The wind carried the lassitude of the midnight;

Stealthily I came behind you, and covered

Your eyes, with my right palm and

Holding you, with the other.

You uttered a cry, finding me that instant

In a fog of confusion, and turned.

Embraced me impetuously

Like a clingstone, and showered

Myriads of tenderest kisses on me.

Me, in reticent vibes lost in reverie,

In that bewitching sprawl.

Time lost its count…nature stood still.

How long? We never knew...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Infatuations of birth....

You have taken my birth

And me the Providence decreed…

Infatuations filled our birth

And we shared the nectar of our love

You became my daughter and my son.

My hands became a cradle for you

And I sang lullabies for you to sleep…..

I will adorn your lips, and brows

And your cheeks and nape with

Very warm kisses draped with my love.

I will watch your pranks and naughty smiles

You, my beloved, sleep close to my bosom.

In this chamber, along the walkway

I will hold your soft fingers in my hand,

And follow you like a shadow

Shower you with kisses all along.

Like the dewdrop lingering on rose petal

I see you nestle at my side

My spirit is enthralled by this sleeping angel.

Do not disturb her in her siesta

Lest, my dreams vanish in the void….

Monday, November 8, 2010


What for is sweetness embedded in this song

If you are not coming here once to listen to it..

Why the flowing water should keep love in its mind

If there is no shore to embrace it; or

To hug and hold close in the flurry of passion.

Why should the moon show its face among the clouds,

On a night when you are not beside me then.

Why should the rainbow bloom in the firmament,

If you are not there as a peacock in its pavane..

Where is the charm, which bewitches me with a sweet smile?

Tell me, my beloved; I am groping in the gloomy eve of time

That awakens my dreams, and arouses me out of my lassitude;

The heart is tuning up the chords of love and the sweet

Music is flowing out through the breeze, and

Love has become an inimitable inebriating rhythm.

The doors of the ivory castles will open for us.

The flower of Paradise will bloom magically for us.

A new dawn is opening its eyelids from slumber.

Wipe your tears and trust that you are not alone.

The spring zephyr will confide in your ears

That without me you are a non-entity.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


In the corridor that connects birth and death,
Intense silence remains at standstill; there
Erupts a hushed moan, helplessly pleading
For some unexpressed assistance.

Let me own that silence, adopt it to
My soul, as meaningful moments,
That slips away elusively in the interlude
Of silence and sounds in life.

We make them into poems, in all
Its perfection and contemplate on it.
Open my eyelids after my death and
Look into the depth, without apprehension.
You will observe the ripples in the sea of
Tears that were kept away from dropping
Down through the cheeks, grimly.
Even the destiny is preventing me
To become insane, lest I forget
To remember everything…