Friday, August 7, 2009

Eloquent silence!

I have reckoned you as a vivacious evening,
Through this accursed birth of mine,
Like a hornbill longing for a rain cloud
To appear in the far corners of the horizon.
You surround me like an enervating breeze
Of the morning, filling my innards with
The everlasting glow of the beaming full moon,
Scouring in my memory, for lovely dreams.

The summer clouds are receding;
Fading out of my alluring reveries.
When isolated silence becomes nectar
In my fatigued soul, it’s your image
That fills and illumines my thoughts.

Aspirations that gift solace
In the lengthy pathways;
Groaning melodies in the wilted blossoms;
Shores where my dreams are in slumber
For many a days and in desolation;
And then you sang, as a nightingale in my mind,
Of your sweet love as a chorus, perching
On the branches, where my dreams flowered.

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