Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A melody in the air...

I want you to sing that melody for me.
In the twilight, when the moon starts
Wandering among the clouds, flying with black wings,
Like a gypsy, without any direction. and
To smother kisses on the tender lips;
To adorn flowers, sweet scented on your hair;
To fondle the eyelids, where shadows of
Your ill-will lingers, and to talk sweetly;
And inebriate with the joy and ecstasy
You feel in your heart, when we are together.

There is something enchanting, and
Soothing the spirit, in these moments.
Something divine in this music, I hear!
Taking me away into the realm of time and space,
Above, this forlorn and despicable earth.
In the flowery lamp of your eyes
I will set my love as the flame.

I feel your eyes telling me something;
I feel like keeping on looking at them;
I feel my heart is beating rapidly now;
Speechless I am, what is happening to me?
Is this love, we talk about very often?
Beloved! My eyelashes are drenched by my heart,
And is becoming the plume of the peacock on your forehead.
It is longing for the touch of your fingers.
For an embrace, for a kiss of affection!
In the night when I caress your chest
Like a fragrant garland of flowers,
I sense a tragic overture of a pitch in your song.
When you sing for me…

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Truth...

Truth is always on the cross of persecution;
Ethics and charity are in the prison,
Eternally bubbling up in flaring agony;
Tears are insufficient to extinguish
This fire, burning inside the heart.
Could the wind reaffix or refurbish the flowers,
It has pushed down, back into the stem?
Shadows running amuck, through paths
Breaking away into unknown distances.

Could anyone depose away this desolation?
Terminate this morbid silence and stillness?
Could the ripples in the stream, bring this boat
With its broken oars, to the safety of the shore?
My sighs and sobs are blossoming
On your path, my beloved!
Where do you go, leaving only the frozen agony
In the cage of my chest, which you can’t see now?
The flowers of passion, you laid out in the path
Are already dried up, and have become brittle.
Come back before the tempest blow me out
And scatter them in the air, into nothingness....

Friday, September 26, 2008

When dreams dry up…

How long can grief persist, in the human mind?
Only till the dreams dry up in this earth!
I reckon the darkness, and the murk,
I reckon the light and the radiance, as well.
But who can comprehend the shape of
A shadow which intervene in its midst,
And changes its character?
Why is my mind holding an umbrella of thoughts,
Against a cyclone, which thrash out at me?
Let me carry the coffin of my frozen secrets
And walk staggering alone to my grave.

How many time god incarnated into this world
Promising, to correct the ways of mankind.
And borne the cross, the crown of thorns
Or suffered the sling of covert arrows?
Those were the rewards for trying to correct them!
And the awards he had to receive for the effort!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Being earnest...

If you are not knowing me, my darling,
Why should I need to continue in this birth?
Do I crave in vain, for you to,
Touch and wake the strings of my lute,
Which is already broken, and can give only discords?

I realize your empathy, when I soar up,
On the wings of a dream, into the heaven.
As I open the windows of my attribution,
I see your image in those visions.
The secret of your melodies, I found in the
Golden bamboo pipe and the spirit of your life,
In the flowers of the spring, which came as guests.
Am I not your speech, your sight?

When the tender drops of the dew, drip down
As pearls of jade into the earth;
When the maiden, full moons, string the jasmine
Flowers of starlets in the yonder sky;
When the fragrance of your breath
Permeates into the air, I breath in;
And I see the dazzle of your bangles,
In the lightning, across the horizon,
My poems and the beauty in the mind unite into one.

Monday, September 22, 2008


In a desolate and forlorn night,
Amidst the strange fantasy of a dream:
You became a desire and obsession in me.
I have become a moon stone, liquefying and,
Dissolving in your moon light, and in your life;
A chilling stream on a winter day;
A goblet brimming with sweet champagne,
Being filled by unknown and unseen hands.
You reached me and you filled my soul;
You sprouted as an oasis, in the wilderness
Where the cruel sun scattered
Embers of stones, all around my treads.

Why did you arose again, as a melody in my dreams,
In the lute of my heart?
This worthless birth can not do anything now
But, only just bless you to live a fulfilling life.
Dreams which refuse to die in memories,
Which we dreamt together, have now
Become, smithereens of a gorgeous painting.
You are becoming a poignant recollection
In me, invoking stifling sobs and sighs
Within me, stricken with utter grief.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The calm after a storm...

You are applying a vermillion dot
On the forehead of the sky;
Fading out in the dusk
My golden evening, of a magnificent hue!
Subdued in its grandeur, of sweetness.
On the flowery bed, when I slept, fondled
And enchanted by randy dreams,
You leaned and touched your
Finger tips, caressing my forehead,
While the Venus, was shimmering in the eastern sky.

Some where a soft prelude, sprang from a flute,
And the whimpering mist, in a desolate hour,
An ache, showering in the moon light of your being,
A chilly lullaby, bringing ripples of tiny memories;
And soft breeze from the meadows seeking
Tranquility, in the distressed mind.

For the silence which swooned somewhere,
Turned into a pulsating note in the air;
Lightning up again the wick of a lamp,
Where little fuel, is left to enliven.
I whisper to you, as the blessing earned
Through umpteen rebirths,
Each of my sealed secrets, in my life.

The purest lotus left in the pond in Paradise!
Could you lend me, a bouquet of dreams
With ravishing petals?
Is your silence, a caress of the tremulous love,
You behold in your soul for me? And
The Calm after the storm?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Once again...

In my reveries it will be full moons
When you just throw, a smile at me.
In my memories shower kisses
Sweetening my dreams.
We both have only one passion!

The ecstasy you inspired in the core of my heart
And the words I wrote for you;
Even when you are far away from me,
My eyes will recite them unseen,
Into the heart, in whispers.
If I enter paradise, these memories of
Such a flowering season will accompany
Me, to that divine country, among the gods.
And I will see your face, amidst the blossoms
Of such a glorious garden, smiling at me.

The song bloomed in your silvery eyes
Is dancing in jauntiness, rippling always in the mind.
Looking at the splendour of the golden sky where
The withered flowers of the morn, are studded,
I will remain stringing a garland, with beads of
Your memories and counting my days
For you to return to our haven.
Because our aspirations are the same,
And not different from yours.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An angel in my heart!

An entire lovely spring, you have embodied;
In the glamorous flower chest of a kiss,
The drops of nectar overwhelmed from that sweet kiss
Invoked an ocean of passionate desires, in me.

An angel, you are, who could, with your delicate
Finger touch; make a tidal wave in my veins;
With a wisecrack, make a cascade of melodies,
Into my romantic, and amorous thoughts.

With a transient and fleeting ogling,
So soft, and a tremulous gaze shatter
My philosophy and morals and values in life,
Which I have strenuously up held in my
Subconscious, and respected.

I now pay homage, and genuflect before
That great sage, who pronounced the truth
Of rebirths, after mortal death of the flesh,
Which I trust, is real and not a dream,
Or a mystery, but a hope and an
Eternal truth surpassing eons...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Still awaiting

This love, I can not express entirely,
Even if it rains and then become fine,
It makes the mind subtle and sublime.
I drift like the sylvan streams
Hearkening and dreaming of your love.

I laid blooms of the rainbows on
Your walkway, hoping you will come;
Became the morning mist, and the early rains,
Spreading the honey from the petals of smiles.
Asked the crooning bird to rise up early
And announce, the arrival of dawn,
Awakening it, with my caressing fingers.
Are you still delaying to come over,
And I am getting wearied, looking into
The distance, in your path.

The dusk has now scattered
The brittle petals of the moonlight
Under the canopy of the vine yard,
Permeating an aphrodisiac fragrance.
I lighted a thousand wicks in the lamp
Of my grief stricken eyes, in my agony.
And still await, fluming my throbbing smiles.
Are you yet being delayed, in your avid desire
To come here and become one in me?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Soliloquy of a soul…

Though I am alone
I feel you are hiding
Somewhere here, in me,
Or very much near to me.
Though away, far away
Thoughts about you are
Always surrounding me
Like the chill of a winter.
The heart is inebriating with
Lurid emotions, suspended in nectar;
A fragrance permeates, of musk
Encompassing me, in its spell,
That which you left, here.
Too many cruel memories
Crowd in my thoughts;
Desires call me to your side;
Of in satiated yearnings
For love, for caress, for warmth
And for compassion.

You are away in a distant land
Only my wishes and thoughts can now
Cross the ocean and be near you.
I wish if I could wipe those tears;
I wish if I could caress those
Swollen soles of your feet;
I wish if I could see a rainbow of
Smiles radiating in your lips.
And a happy look in your lovely countenance

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Your eyes imprisoned me, into
A solitary confinement, for life.
What spell you have cast upon me
To make me possessed, by the charm?
Your youthfulness, made me a slave,
And enlisted me, into your harem.
Turned me afflicted and weary;
Made me lose my strength altogether;
I am at a loss to resist any of your
Advances or overtures, you may adroitly make.

Allow me to dry you up with my long tress of hair;
When you come out of the river after your bath,
Holding your palms to keep the towel in place,
Appearing like the statue of Jupiter,
You take the amorous flowers
From your mind, and harness your eye brows
With them, in your dexterity, in the game of love.
Like Cupid’s quiver, hanging on his shoulder
With the arrows to enamour the lovers.

Allow me, to dab the pollen grain of my love,
On your body, and smother you with
The passion of a hundred maids together;
Enriching me, with the compassion of
Your blissful infatuation for me;
And I could remain in those dark blue seas
Of your eyes as a dream eternally…

Saturday, September 13, 2008

This birth is fruitful...

Loving harmony and animosity;
Love and hate!
This is the gist of the human story.
Planning and frustration!
This is the inception of love.

Seasons approach silently and disappear,
Scatter flowers and take it back through the soil.
Blooming blossoms will wither away
Yet, its fragrance permeates,
And always persist and enjoyed,
Through thousands of eons.

We smile and fate laughs along with us.
God will feign, being in deep slumber.
Dreams take birth and vanish into thin air;
Like a fantasy and passion, in mind’s drive.
That sweetness will persist
To become a cloying memory,
Enjoyed through thousands of eons!

We love, and gift our life to the beloved;
The spell of love is enchanting, mystifying;
Endearing, and leading to enormous adoration.
It guides us through endless corridors of
Bliss and delight, passion and lasciviousness;
Elevating us into a spectrum, of jubilation.
That subtle indulgence will persist over eons
And enjoyed through our births and rebirths…

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thinking of you…

Are you arousing, like a drop of dew
From the bosom of a flower, awake
When the rays of the sun kissed it?
Are the eternal stars, disappearing
From watching the world, and its lovers;
When the raindrops started falling down,
From heaven, like you drenching me,
With your enchanting amour.
As the words saddened by desolation
Closed its eyes, like the dusk, in wonder!

Our hearts make bridges of rainbows
Splendoured with boundless love.
The shores dissolve in the waves of desires,
Ditties sung by us in the realm of passion,
Flutters with wings of butterflies and soar
Towards the lofty heaven of golden clouds.
We diffuse in each other, unobtrusively;
Never to part away, as our lives are fulfilled now.

The music of the breath you exhale, is embedded
With sublime adoration, elusive and ethereal.
I have become an unknown, unseen companion
In your trail, interfusing, with the vibes of your soul;
Unknowingly, innumerable desires and passions
Have we exchanged hitherto. And…..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In remembrance of you...

For the reverie of your love,
A love song, deliquesced in my ecstasies,
A song from my spirit, for the first time;
A song I saved and kept for you, in the annals
Of my contrite heart, all the time;
Flowing forth from my soul as a melody,
A splendored song, writhing out of my life.

You have become an inspiration for my poems,
Became my dearest daughter for me to fondle;
My endearing mother to shower my caress;
A bosom maid to guide me, in chaos.
Then my heart throbs and quivers in my spirit,
Became your music, rhythm, and beats in life.
You reckon that rapture, my darling?

One day we became one entity,
Without any reason or rhyme, for something,
Which we never knew, and even ignorant, now.
We desired intensely, never to drift away from each other.
We kept aside a thousand questions to ourselves,
In our hearts, never uttering, and intentionally.
And we evaded them always, subduing it,
Submerging it, in our conscience.
We shared together all our aspirations,
Of all our living moments, in glee.
Don’t you reminisce all those, in your lonely moments?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My beautiful...

The rain drop turned into
A magnificent pearl and
Adorned your lips, with its opulence.
Pour those lips into mine for me to
Imbibe the sweetness of that delicious pearl.

When the clouds tried to secrete in the sky
The arms of the soft breeze, tenderly
Caress, and soothingly assuage you;
Awakening the sinews and thrilling the body.
Lightning without break, incept from zenith.
Was it my beautiful, the chillness or
The stream of Eldora do, flowing out in
Your heavenly inebriety, that was?

The waves became turbulent, the sea turned rough;
The shore swooned into a dulcified slumber,
While the waves, washed and embraced it.
Why do I hear the sighs?
What for, is this swelling anguish?
What makes you grieve, my angel?

Love, sweetness of life’s love.
You sip this nectar, till content.
For you know not, what is in store,
Kept for you, with the next dawn!

Monday, September 8, 2008

ICQ! I Seek You…

Did you disappear without
Singing those melodies,
Fizzled in my breath and chest?
Did you go away, without adorning
Those red lotus flowers on you,
Which I plucked for you, from my heart?

I retained for you, a golden string
Made up of my splendid dreams,
And kept vigil for you, to come;
Engrossed in the cloying memories
Of, the charms of your love, so pure.

I have become an echo, resonating like
A strain of music, writhing in pain,
Emanating from the bamboo poles;
When the rampant wind smother them
Wildly, with the pent up passions. Yes,
I have become a tear drop of such an echo!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Whoever, she is...

When I sit fondling my dreams,
I feel like seeing you once again;
And the smiles lingering in your face,
Unfurling the petals of your endearment,
Encrusted with your endless love.

When I saw you again, I feel like talking
Something to you, looking into the depth of
Your turquoise blue eyes and its smirk.
When we came to know each other,
I never think of leaving you, even for a moment
From your soothing presence, caressing me;
And I feel the adoring spate of your tender love
In your silence, drenching me in its sweetness.

I can make out a thousand springs for you,
With a tiny flower of my sublime dreams;
I can make a cascade of rain with the
Endless tears spurting from my eyelashes,
At a time, when I don’t see you for a while.
I can dissolve the moonstone of your love
In my love, to paint many a splendored
Moonlit nights, invading my senses.
I will write a trillion poems in your heart
With a quill dipped in your eternal passions!

Awaiting for you...

Awaken me, softly touching my whole body,
With your slender fingers, of a lotus thread,
Knock gently on the door of my heart,
Unlock it, opening the padlock on it,
Murmur a ditty, leaning on my shoulders,
And lull me softly, quietly into a slumber!

Like a bloom losing its lustre,
In the scorching heat of the sun,
As the moonlight, swinging in the breeze,
And as an ocean, kissing your anklets,
I am here, standing with extended arms
To embrace you, intimately and tighten my
Clasps around your endearing neck;
Yet, you could not kiss me,
Even on my forehead…

As the flouncing moon in the ripples;
Turning into an adoring flower in
The bouquet of your love,
Awaiting with a small pearl,
From the oyster of my heart,
All the time, for you,
Which moved on a leaden feet;
Still you have not offered a flower,
As a present to me,
For the morning radiance, of my light.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Awaken me, softly touching my whole body
With your slender fingers, of a lotus thread,
Knock gently, on the door of my heart;
Unlock it, opening the padlock there,
Murmur a ditty, leaning on my shoulders,
And lull me softly, quietly into a slumber!

Like a bloom losing its lustre, in the heat of the sun,
As the moonlight swinging in the breeze,
And as an ocean, kissing your anklets,
I am here standing with extended arms
To embrace you closely and tighten my
Clasps around your endearing neck,endearing neck;
Yet, you could not kiss me even on my forehead…

As the flouncing moon in the ripples;
Turning into an adoring flower in the bouquet of your love,
Awaiting with a small pearl, from the oyster of my heart,
All the time, for you, which moved on a leaden feet;
Still you have not offer a flower, as a present
For the morning radiance, of my light.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Incomplete melodies!

A longing in the heart to sing a song!
A desire to dance with the rhythms of my heart!
Yet, there are no lyrics for the song;
And no foot movement for the dance!
The audience have assembled
The time to commence is also past,
My eyelids closed, as I could not hear your voice.

Now beats have slowed down;
Rhythms mislaid;
The clinking anklets became silent;
Lights in the stage faded, one by one,
Extinct, and a gloom pervaded.
The music has screeched to a halt.
The melodies swooned, behind the stage;
Petals of the dark night, started withering….

The blue curtain of the stage downed.
I was weeping, without knowing
What was happening therein?
Out of the gloom you came out
As an apparition, towards me.
Sans costumes and adornments or props;
At that moment, I heard the bells tinkle.
The sun rose and the buds blossomed into flowers,
And we became one in that radiance.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Toys of destiny...

I bid you good morning, my afflictions!
I congratulate you, Time!
I have conquered my territories
I have honoured my conscience.

You are born as a son to the ocean
You, the clouds hovering with black
Wings above, on the firmaments,
Being a celestial messenger, carrying
Errands for the desolate hearts,
And wandering across the blue oceans
And green shades, pouring out your charms,
Sharing your coolness, and warmth.
You left your parents when you were born
And started crying in helplessness,
Missing them for ever; an orphan...
There is no place for you to return or go back;
You have no space to stand alone also.
Who knows the beginning and the end
And what can be gained of earthly relationship
We get tired and weary when forlorn,
We are the toys of the destiny that shapes our ends.
Let me vanquish in the battles of the mind, or you
Give me the potion to forget, everything of life.