Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The eternal spring...

The spring became my beloved for a moment
In my exquisite, and exciting dream.
It gifted me with a blossom of console,
As heaven descended beside me, in that night.
I forgot to reckon the petals of that flower,
While I drifted in the inebriety of its fragrance,
And could not imbibe the ecstasy of the nectar.

The heartbeats fainted in the grandeur of
The resplendency of its radiance.
I failed to adorn the pollen as a lip-glow
To the quivering coral of my lip;
And woke up, just before the picture was complete.
Could I ever get those blossoms with its playful
Petals in full bloom, and dancing in the breeze.
And she returns as the cute eternal spring in my life?

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