Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Love Unsensored..

Those lines that were never written,

Those words swallowed unuttered

Were all for you, and about you.

The anxiety of the sodden sprout of grass

After the first rain, and the ecstasy

Of the first drop of rain, kissing the earth,

Are all inlaid in those words and unwritten lines.

Meandering like a winding river, downstream,

Through the lonesomeness of a solitary stork

Doing its penance earnestly on one leg,

In the far corner of a green velvety paddy field;

And through the resplendency of a king fisher’s wings;

Through the dreams of a jacaranda flower,

While I close on you, gliding softly in silence…

Greet me with a garland of blooms

From the rainbow; adorning your forehead

With a speck of vermilion, borrowed

From the evening sky, and a bewitching smile

On your lips that narrates untold heart throbs.

You will then listen to the cooing of my heart

In the dawn, while the morning mist covers the wood.

You can then fill up your scattered dreams

To the brim, with my love – Uncensored…

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