Friday, December 17, 2010


Oh! Death…

You will not die…

You went without hurrying at last

Into a long dark tunnel.

But you did not die...

There was a piece of lamb awaiting

For you in there…

I am your spirit.

It is time, since I have lost you in me.

You left like the withered petals of a rose,

Assembling back into its stem;

Like the rustle of leaves humming

In harmony with the breeze.

You are a twinge in my heart

Of a poem I could not write…

Each birth, glided slowly into this

Forbidden path, is a poem

Lost in oblivion eternally;

Yes, lost poems.....

What could your love, your candor,

Your smiles, your jests, your comradeship

Fill in my heart and eyes?

Are only two drops of tears!

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