Thursday, December 30, 2010


Who is blind now?

Who is blind in this utter darkness?

The God dozing in His heavens,

Or the poor human who toils and crawl in this earth.

Who is blind now?

Shadows are groping in the gloominess

Of life’s path, without any intent or target.

Though the sun is gleaming in full ‘joie de vivre’,

It is darkness at noon for them.

It is midnight for them at mid noon.

Man is building castles in the air,

With many a desire in his heart.

In the realm of unyielding mirages,

A will-o’the-wisp of his imagination.

But when the magic wand of time and fate

Is brandished momentarily,

Like the twisting kaleidoscope moves

Everything in its turn,

We see the empty wilderness before us.

Only empty wilderness!

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