Thursday, May 27, 2010


I forgot to tell you, my beloved
I forgot to tell you of my love
I forgot.

I am your love, my lover
I saw a dream last night
A garden full of flowers in its splendor
And we striding amongst them;
Though I sat the whole night beside you,
And in the faint light of the lamp
We sang as the rain was splattering on the roof
And I forgot to tell you entirely about my
Love to you, I forgot…My beloved!

You are in my breath
You are in my heart beat
Your fragrance permeate my face
You keep me inside the mist of your love
Though you fondled me with
Your soft, lotus like fingers;
Though you covered me with
Your locks of musk scented hair
Though I touched the pearl like
Buttons of your breast
Yet I forgot, I forgot to tell you
The entirety of my love to you
My beloved.

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