Saturday, October 30, 2010

I don't know...

Who opened the soft petals of this Lotus
One by one in the pool of the morning?
I don't know! Let it not be known.

Who dissolved the charming scent of the Sandal
In the morning breeze grazing in your presence?
I don't know! Let it not be known...

Who aroused the musical couplet of this nectar
On the lips of the wild pipe of this bamboo
Dancing with its peacock's tail ?
I don't know ! Let it not be known...

Now my mind also chants this chorus:
"I know I don't know anything"
Let the fountain of this knowledge
Never dries up...

Who pushed open the door of my soul
And entered there with a glowing
Lamp of love and purity?
I know! But let it never be known...

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