Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I no longer keep a grudge.
I no longer argue against your faith.
My delight is in your jubilation.
My glee is in your gratification.

When the blood is still warmer,
The spirit still unconquered,
This age is the best in a life time,
For all the thoughts and imagination
And creation, and pleasant ambitions.

The broken strings of a violin,
Will not give out an enthralling note.
Neither, the seared wings of an eagle
Will lift it, to a soaring height.

When happiness kneels before
Frustrations, the mind is in turmoil.
The heart pants, the emotions surge,
The soul cries, the tears well up,
The stars do not smile, the sky is a blank.
Bleak is the spirit, and no rainbows.

Our life is patterned as evanescent.
It glows now, and emanates its scent
For one day, perish and wither the third day
Like roses; and in time
Through generations, no one
Remembers, we existed…

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