Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In a tiny dream...

On the wings of an alluring tiny dream
If I could fly to your presence now!
I could have a glimpse of you
to my heart's content;
I could hear your mellifluous voice;
I could share your grief and soothe you;
I could be with you, leaning on my bosom...

I wanted to cry, holding you close,
I wanted to embolden your sore heart,
With the fluff of my kisses and
The balm of my timeless love.
From the day you left me,
With tears flowing down my cheeks,
I have been carrying my coffin,
Wandering through the wilderness
Of my desolate despondency.

Won’t you come back, to me
My magnificent angel,and hover
Among the clouds of my rueful heart?
Your silver streaks may transform
Me into a dazzling spectrum....

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