Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Down Memories Lane

In your tender eyes
Blooms the starry sky.
There is only one continence
Alone in my eyes,
One note alone in the ears;
I am unable to wipe it off from my mind
It goes on and on eternally
And my life stands still in that harmony.

You illumine my environment
As the thousand lights of the lamp
In the courtyard,
And you are the one after the thousand wicks,
which stands out and radiate celestial glory.

In your sparkling curls of hair,
I perceive the emerging moon
On the firmament,
With her bride-maids–the stars .
I see golden rays in your cheeks
When your finger tips touch
The flaming lamp.
And I could see your love blazing,
In your stunning sweet face.

As I morphed into a sandal colored
Attire covering your soft rosy skin,
You entered as a poem into my mind
And your sweet snigger
Became a sparkle….

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