Saturday, November 27, 2010


Tell me my heart, did you ever

Crave to become a stanza in the

Sweet rhapsody of an enthralling love;

And to be a resplendent dream

In its meaningful contents.

Tell me if you have ever heard

The rustling wings of the mystifying

Love affair, in my melody?

The saffron tinge of those solitary

Evenings, were the gifts of love,

That you proffered, and conferred.

I don’t know anything, but I am

Just singing like a wounded bamboo

Stem, that cries in the wilderness.

Tell me if these songs carry the

Fragrance of ancient love ballads,

And the wind is blowing to create

A rhythm to the music in harmony,

I ‘m just singing like a forsaken bird

Waiting in the jungle, in the midst

Of a wild fire, unknowingly…

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