Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lost In a Trance...

The snow melted in the vale as the blanket of

Silky clouds changed its attire, and the ravishing

Spring paved a silky carpet on the earth,

With the golden fleece of sunshine.

A wild brook flowing among the grassy knoll

Was singing its luscious song, with its anklet of love;

The silvery foam gleaming in its ankle, under the sun.

A tiny flower danced in the blowing wind, its moist lips

Pecking the cheeks of the wind, with honey.

Inside the mind in its pavane, had a canopy of

Rainbows with tender affectionate thoughts.

Are you drenched in the milky rain of the

Gleaming moonlight in its glory..

Seems you never realized the sprinkle of

Sandal from the heaven, in your daze.

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