Thursday, December 30, 2010



I am not an atheist or an agnostic, but

I believe in a Supreme Power,

A destiny, that shapes our ends.

Faith is often described as a delusion.

Did I ever see any one of the gods?

Or heard Him?

[Why do we mention ‘HIM’? - As though

He is masculine in nature?]

I have no experience in any of these.

Then why should I have faith

In a non -entity to my sense?

Nevertheless, I have many a times

Held His image, idol, paintings,

And have touched them,

In a church, a temple or wayside.

In the church they give the sacramental bread

To believers as a blessed gift, from God.

It represents God and believing it as God

Transubstantiated, they accept it.

It is no more a piece of bread.

It is something more than, different than

That bread we eat daily, for our hunger.

Faith changed the substance!

When I kissed my deceased father

Before he was laid to rest,

I kissed his lifeless body, but felt it

As a Godsend ecstasy and rapture;

And I kissed my wailing old mother,

It was the body of an age old woman.

When I clinch and kiss my beloved

I am not merely fondling the body of a woman;

It is something more than that.

And that ‘something’ is the delusion,

Illusion, or hallucination or myth.

When someone touches the feet of an idol

Or kiss the feet of a granite sculpture -that of a God,

In the form of a deity, it is not the granite or the marble

They touch, or genuflect before it; but God himself.

When you touch, hug and kiss your beloved

Are you touching a mass of bone and flesh that could

Be bought at a meat stall or butchery?

And the bliss it brings forth to the heart

And the exquisite contentment accrued…

Is not that too, a myth?

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