Thursday, December 30, 2010


If my love or affection for her is just a feeling

Alone, then it is only narcissism .

Love is an attempt to possess her.

Can anyone own another body?

If it is consumed and added to the body

There is nothing left as remnant.

Is it possible to embrace a soul,

Or be in possession of it as one’s own?

Soul or individual is merely a feeling,

And embracing it, is only an imagination.

Your soul and my soul remain always

Separated and not at all in union.

Closing in and embracing of these two souls

Are manifestations, in the realm of feelings;

A magical delusion, illusion or hallucination!

When I invoke you as my own and embrace you,

I am only snuggling your flesh but not the beautiful you.

You are just a delusion, as well as your beauty.

What is in a myth? Apart from the mass of flesh

As a body, it is meaninglessness.

You are a dream that mystify me.

When you become mine, you are no more;

And then when I embrace you,

In reality I am cuddling myself.

The feeling of ‘self’ itself becomes a myth.

However, if I lose that delusion, then everything

Becomes blank in the screen of feelings

And is in darkness, as in a power cut.

She and I are thus the creation of such

A magical consciousness. [a MAYA of nature]

Life is such an experience and the truth of my life

Is the totality of such delusions and hallucinations.

Every pleasure, every meaningful episode, and

Each values of life itself are the consequence

Of such a feeling in disguise, or imagination.

And without them, there is no life …

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