Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Every dream is thriving now and a million
Vermilion chests are opening up in the sky,
With their trillions of hues, embalming the horizon.

Every desire embraces each other. emitting overtures
Of overwhelming fragrance, all over.
Tiny droplets of snow showered over the earth,
And swans are swimming in the millpond of love.

I am dissolving as a fabulous cloud
Over the firmament, in the eve at sundown.
While the full moon beams out,
We are floating, gliding amidst as love
Becoming prettiness, dowsed in the sandal river,
Where the golden grandeur of the moon lounge.
We have reached the summit of liking each other
And is in unison as one entity, one soul.

Behold the image of love, flowering in the quill
Of the magnificent rainbows of heaven!
Honey filled spring, emerge in the sweetness
Of our smiles.
We have become one and have merged into one…

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