Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Life, magnificent life..
Man, what a beautiful name!

The wind adores the fragrance,
And the bamboo pipes loves music,
The earth and the sky,
The shores and the waves,
The river and the sea,
The nature and the Creator,
Are they not in harmony?

Is there anything created
That does not like each other?
Do we have any proof against this?

The sextet notes, the rhythm and beats,
Any song or music without them?
Any emotions, any play?
Any literature in the world?

Any hearts, which do not imbibe
The slumber and dreams in it,among lovers?
Is there a romantic moment without it?

Is there any vision, not awakened by
Amour, infatuation, and obsession or
Hopes, all sublimed in unison?

Is there a splendored imagination
Without music, love and romantic awakening,
And fulfillment of life?

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