Sunday, December 5, 2010

Me...Who Is you...

Like the fragrance emanating

From the sodden earth after the first rain;

Like the never ending water bubbles

Overflowing from the spring of your love;

Like the flames of cold wintry blueness

Of a moon lit night in January…

I still remember those wee hours of the night

When you walked in….

Then I saw you in the darkness of the lonely

Nights, when the Night queen blossomed

And in the twilight

When the petals of the Pansies withered….

Then you flew away deep into the silvery clouds

In a long moan…

Was that the chaste love of a puny butterfly


Finally, leaving a cloud of suspicion in my mind

As to who you were…….

My mind after an interlude of a semi second,

Softly asked me again...

”Were you me?’…..or….myself?

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