Monday, July 19, 2010


I hear the treads of someone
Walking on the cobble stones of my courtyard..
Who is that?..
Who could it be?...

It is not that I am unwilling
To leave this life, I love,
And love intensely.
It is not the feeling that I will lose
Forever, the insatiable urge to see again
And again, the eternal vistas of
The splendorous shores of this earth.

It is not that I fear, I will have to leave
The music that I listen, time
And time again, with its magical rhythms.

It is not that I can dream,
Sitting among the spring blossoms,
That flourish in the valleys of the moonlit hills.
I don’t know how I can walk with you.
For that, do not curse me!
Death! Do not curse me for that!

If you are the one who walks away now,
You have been knocking at my door,
For quite along while.
And I know, though I did not open it,
You can come through the backdoor.
And linger, hovering over me
With the warm rays of music.
Your fragrance is mesmerizing;
Surpassing everything, and arresting.
How deep is your love today!
You will embrace me, and become a stream
Flowing through my arteries,
And become a melancholy
In my soul , so ardent!

Then stealthily whisper in my ears
“You come along…we will go.”
“We will get away from this dungeon
Of darkness, to the infinite
Shores of peace, to the flames,
To the confluence of universal love.”
You whisper:’ Come, seek my path.
Aren’t you coming?”

I am trembling with fear. How can I go?
What if I refuse?
In those troubled moments of that
Gloomy, wintry night, I woke up....
And heard some one opening
My door!....
Some one is walking away…..
Who is that? Who could it be?

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