Thursday, April 15, 2010


Words pure and love filled,
I have to confess to you;
The truth in my heart, you never knew,
As you stand apart with spite in your thoughts;
Even when chanting your name in my soul;
Day and nightI kept my unsung love,
A secret, in the labyrinth of my heart.
Inside me an ocean swelled to fondle you,
And your soul yearned for that caress endlessly.
You heard the eternal music, resonant of love.

I know not what to call that sweet agony it creates,
Of the rapturous relation ..Love!
Or is it the divine mercy
Designed to paddle through life, without
Drowning in its depth?

Turned a tear welling cloud,
Me an equation of destiny;
And you, a seed promising a forest in you;
Like the earth craving for the rain....

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