Saturday, July 10, 2010


An insatiable urge persists in the mind,
To touch you with my caressing fingers;
An unquenchable thirst in my soul
To whisper to you, my dreams.
What else do you need my love
To thaw this frozen cloud of your silence?

In the twilight I waited, as a shadow
On the side of the path you used to walk,
Ever after you threw a line, with your glance,
Immersed in your love that day; and
I am melting down to a void….

Nights have turned to butterflies,
Days became barren like birds in the air,
When you did not turn up.
My dreams also have gone asleep.
What else you need from me, my love
To thaw this frozen cloud of silence?

When I woke up from my short slumber,
I feel your soft fingers stroking me.

When the soft breeze touches my cheeks
I feel your loving kisses there.
My beloved, memoirs of you are so divine;
Even the love scented rustling of
Your whispers are so exquisite…..

What magical smile you directed to me
And vanished languishing!
An insatiable urge in the soul to
See you again; and an unquenchable thirst
To speak softly into your ears.
Why can’t you enter from the lap of
That golden dawn and show you
To awaken me from this languor existence?

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