Monday, November 15, 2010

Silent Night…

Evening soaked us in dewdrops.

We never realized, we were sodden.

Our feelings, too warm, swelled with

Vibrant love and in delirium of ecstasy.

The purloined hours coveting, like

Two springs gushing out of a mountain

To embrace each other and then meander

Down the plain, in unison, to eternity.

You waited for me that night, in the wintry cold

Alacrity written in your smiles and eyes,

Under the finery of the Milky Way,

The pale moon, guarded over you.

Glow worms in your heart, flew out,

Fluttering all around, in the teeny breeze.

The wind carried the lassitude of the midnight;

Stealthily I came behind you, and covered

Your eyes, with my right palm and

Holding you, with the other.

You uttered a cry, finding me that instant

In a fog of confusion, and turned.

Embraced me impetuously

Like a clingstone, and showered

Myriads of tenderest kisses on me.

Me, in reticent vibes lost in reverie,

In that bewitching sprawl.

Time lost its count…nature stood still.

How long? We never knew...

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