Thursday, October 2, 2008

That morning

While one more night was bidding farewell
Droning a ditty, the day light was inflowing.
You turned to be a soul stirring feather
Floating through the air, to my side

Wandering in the wilderness for many a days
You remained with me, as an alluring dream,
In my heart, enervating my spirit and
Titillating, my aspirations in life.
You stand beside me with an ardent desire,
Like the unfurling of a petal, before my eyes?

Lying down in my desolate bed,
With my sobs and sinuous tears of grief,
In the early hours of that misty dawn;
After caressing my forehead, with a kiss,
Discreetly coming in disguise, as a soft
Breeze, perfumed by your ever radiant love,
And compassion, unbounded and uncanny.

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