Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who are you?

You are none other than all the splendour,
Existing in this world of mine!
You are none other than, all the springs
Of seasons, coming through time and space!
You are the rain, and you are the sunshine also!
My bliss, my melancholy, my pleasure,
And my agony, in the forlorn existence.
You have become my melody of dreams, I see,
And my horizon is bound to where you are.
My ocean where I dive for pearls of jubilation,
And my salvation, in the barren miseries of life;
My resurrection, for the next ensuing rebirth.

Your eyes reflect the morning glory of the dawn;
And resonate the tinkling of temple bells in your laughter.
When my mind ask me, whether I should greet in
Worship, the golden dawn or the goddess in front of me.
And the answer, creep in as a theology of Non-Duality,
Into mind and reveal a truth, as you are
The dawn, as well as my intellect also, in this world.

My Song of Songs in my dreams, lulling me to sleep;
And when I wake up, in your tongue
I need your lips, for me to smile.
I want the blooms of your eyes, for me
To see you always, when I gaze at you.
You are the mystic “OM” for me and my universe too!

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