Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nights of love!

What else should I gift to you now?
What more should I offer to you henceforth?
Haven’t you robbed thousands of my
Tender fragrance, from the dream of
My coveted dreams, stealthily with
Its chillness and impudence, I held.
In forgetting my self, in the euphoria of your
Pleasant fondling, why did I just whisper
Only in your ears, reluctantly, and softly,
My weak resentment, for not doing it?

What song should I sing for you now?
What can I offer you?
A cherished desire you hide in your heart!
The cloud and the sweet crescent moon
In the sky had kept their door ajar and has
Commenced their love-play of the spring.
Beloved maidens of stars with shimmering eyes,
In the coy meekness in them, kept hushed silence;
Ogling the scenario in envy and with
Latent lust, brimming in their minds.

A nightingale asked its soul mate, in soft tones
Why they have forgotten to lower the wick of the lamp,
To reduce the light, to avoid the embarrassment,
Of onlookers under camouflage, in the gloom.
Ripples in the lotus pond, embraced each other,
Surreptitiously hiding behind the leaves.
Wish this night of love, remain endless,
With its cloying smiles, brimming out
Of its carnal lips and cherubic face!.

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