Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A melody in the air...

I want you to sing that melody for me.
In the twilight, when the moon starts
Wandering among the clouds, flying with black wings,
Like a gypsy, without any direction. and
To smother kisses on the tender lips;
To adorn flowers, sweet scented on your hair;
To fondle the eyelids, where shadows of
Your ill-will lingers, and to talk sweetly;
And inebriate with the joy and ecstasy
You feel in your heart, when we are together.

There is something enchanting, and
Soothing the spirit, in these moments.
Something divine in this music, I hear!
Taking me away into the realm of time and space,
Above, this forlorn and despicable earth.
In the flowery lamp of your eyes
I will set my love as the flame.

I feel your eyes telling me something;
I feel like keeping on looking at them;
I feel my heart is beating rapidly now;
Speechless I am, what is happening to me?
Is this love, we talk about very often?
Beloved! My eyelashes are drenched by my heart,
And is becoming the plume of the peacock on your forehead.
It is longing for the touch of your fingers.
For an embrace, for a kiss of affection!
In the night when I caress your chest
Like a fragrant garland of flowers,
I sense a tragic overture of a pitch in your song.
When you sing for me…

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