Monday, October 27, 2008


Which rare moment you chose to come into
My Garden of Eden, in a divine move?
And bewitched me with a smirk, like the blooming
Of a grape vine, in the spring season.
Your knot of hair, when you loosened it, gleamed
Like dense clustered grapes, hanging down when ripe;
Swayed when you walked like a swan, and
Oscillated between your derriere.

The liquid eyes shone like the blue depth of the ocean;
And with your rosy lips you were making
Offerings of your honey in speech, on
The alter of love, with the pots of treasure on the bosom.
You entwined like a vine in the inebriation of
The rapturous ecstasy prevailed in your heart.
Immersing in bashfulness, when you realized
Looking at your own half naked body, how nude
You were at that time, in the faint light of the lamp.
You bowed your head in perplexity and
Turned voiceless, stood by my side.
You yearned to cover up your modesty
Holding a leaf of a grape wine as Greek idol,
But could not find one, immediately.

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