Friday, October 10, 2008

The many faces of truth.

Tomorrow, today and yesterday
We continue to traverse the times;
Imbeciles do their calculations,
Smart ones drown in fuddling.
Truth melts like butter;
Glitter like gold; at times turns to
Become beautiful poetry;
Changes its seasons in the body,
And could be seen in its purity,
When you seek for it!

It can change the tears into nectar;
The dream about heaven could be
Unfurled, in this earth itself.
Flowers hesitating to wither and fall down;
Warm kisses springing out from trembling lips;
Immortal festivities of the spring;
All are enshrined in truth.

After burying me in a tomb,
Time has become the custodian.
Do I have a birth once more?
Will I have a resurrection from here?

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