Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Strange thirsts...

A thirst in the senses, every moment;
A unique desire unable to unravel
A fiesta and carnival of ecstasies,
A rhythm so wonderful and exciting.

WOMAN! Her image and its alluring halo,
Always beckoning you, to be near her.
The flaming radiance of undying embers
Flaring in the sinews, of man.
Her words turn to rapturous lullaby
In the innermost temple of his thoughts
WOMAN! Her adoration and tenderness
The spell of inebriation ingrained in it;
And the dormant dew drops lying frozen
In the countless veins of the avid man;
Her movements before him always
Fill exhilaration, in his mind, and make him randy.
That is how the great sculptor designed
His masterpiece, to entice the poor fellows!

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