Saturday, October 18, 2008


When the mind engross in vacillating
Remembrances I am wearied;
I feel your finger touch,
Fondling me and that moment, turns me
Into a dew petted petal unknowingly.

Blazing immaculate desires, unquenched;
A lute emitting rhapsodies of love tenors,
Making pulsating music, with the touch of
A finger on the strings of my violin;
Like the flame of a wick held in the hand,
Piercing the gloom of silent anguish
In the mind, in the loneliness of this night;

Like the radiant glow of a moist adulation,
Spreading into the realm of lasciviousness,
When you are beside me, bestowing your
Compassion and ardour in me
My spirited passions, like the thunderous
Waves of a sea, seeing the full moon,
Settles down like a quite flowing river;
And we wander in that graceful ecstasy,
Seeking our euphoria, and jubilation.
Then turns into specks of colourful clouds
Into the magnificent evening sky.
And become the luster in the blue horizon;
Again migrating into the ether as a stroke
Of blue lightning and in half reveries
Forget everything of our existence…

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