Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A sad evening!

When you came before me, adorning your forehead
With a pinch of vermilion, I find in your eyes
Some tear drops, hesitating to fall down, my love!
Is that the melancholy of parting, or reproof,
Or ill- will that envelopes your mind now?

With handsful of astounding dreams
And moments, when silence became eloquent,
Hiding in the oyster of my soul,
I did not flee away from you or
Vanish into the unknown gloom, my beloved!

I never forgot you at all.
The bluish tinge of the moonlight in your eyes
Reflecting your tender love, is the image
I carry always in my heart, with delight.

I remember you, tremulous like a flame of the
Lamp, in the soft breeze on the festival day,
And the way your face furled like a white lotus
Looking down, with the enclosing modesty in you.
It fills my reverie as a depressing despair,
Spreading like a doleful strain of music,
Haunting my wakeful moments.

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