Saturday, October 4, 2008


Like the lotus, innocently unfurls its petals,
When the first rays of the morning sun
Smother its love on it, detained through the night;
Like the tender tendrils of the jasmine, adorns
A thrill on its vine, while the softest breeze breath on it;
Why am I vacillating so much, when I see your countenance?
May be my adoration is of that magnitude in my heart;
For me to adapt into that state of mind!

When you drift away from me at times,
I follow you like a shadow without your knowledge.
I will keep a wick, to light the lamp, to see your
Magical smile unfurling on your lips, in that glow,
In the gloom, of the night, I am waiting for such a moment.

Like the musk sealed in a chest, still emanates
The sweet fragrance, intoxicating the breeze,
My desires will flurry naively, beautifying
My golden dawns, and vermilion dusks.

I have been kissing and kissing each of your
Dreams, and they swooned and turned dormant

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